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    Out of a Hispanic valley: kosher beef

    Colorado ranchers Demetrio and Olive Valdez want to begin selling local cattle as kosher beef.

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    Babbitt begins range reform

    Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt launches the first phase of his grazing reform in Grand Junction, Colorado.

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    Festering Idaho mine to be cleaned; others remain

    Four mining companies agree to pay the $50 million cost of cleaning up toxic runoff from the defunct Blackbird Mine.

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    A Western senator hears from his constituents

    New Mexico Republican Sen. Pete Domenici agrees to revise his Livestock Grazing Act after sportsmen, environmentalists and the media raise an outcry against it.

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    Sign of the times

    A sign in Utah's new Jordanelle State Park that explains the damage cattle can cause in riparian areas is taken down when ranchers object.

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    Back at the Diamond Bar...

    Ranchers Kit and Sherry Laney receive what environmentalists call a "paper cut" order to cut cattle numbers on the Diamond Bar Grazing Allotment, but will be allowed to up the numbers after fences and stock tanks are built.

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    Mining reform might sneak back

    Negotiations over reform of the 1872 Mining Law proceed quietly in the U.S. Senate.

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    When Tuttle walks, will they listen?

    Activist Larry Tuttle begins on 1,872 mile walk from Oregon to Colorado to raise support for reform of the 1872 Mining Law.

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    Summitville mine boss indicted

    Tom Chisholm, former environmental manager of the bankrupt Summitville Mine is indicted by the EPA for his part in Colorado's worst environmental disaster.

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    Grazing reform "reformed'

    The Livestock Grazing Act of 1995, introduced by New Mexico Republican Sen. Pete Dominici, would kill Bruce Babbitt's grazing reform efforts.

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    Can land trades stop a subdivision and clean up a mine?

    An ambitious land-swapping plan may help reclaim some of Mid-Continent Resources defunct mines while also protecting them from development.

  • Book Reviews

    Wonder hemp

    A review of "Industrial Hemp" touts potential of growing the currently illegal plant for products including paper, paint, and even dynamite.

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    Grazing settlement favors ranchers

    A lawsuit over grazing on Montana's Beaverhead National Forest is settled in ranchers' favor.

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    Politics and threats keep cows on public land

    Amid rumors of violence, the Forest Service backs down on its plan to cut the number of Kit and Sherry Laney's cows that graze a wilderness allotment.

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    Who killed the cows?

    Rancher Tom Kelly believes environmentalists may have shot 13 of his cows.

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