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    The Diamond Bar saga goes on - and on

    The Gila National Forest's decision authorizing 15 stock tanks on New Mexico's Diamond Bar allotment in a wilderness area is overturned by Forest Service Chief Jack Ward Thomas.

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    Subterranean terror

    A brochure and video called "Abandoned Mines, Stay Out and Stay Alive," seeks to educate people about the dangers of unreclaimed abandoned mines.

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    Miners seek jackpot

    Despite a depressed market, Green Mountain Mining Venture asks the BLM for permission to open the Jackpot uranium mine.

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    Round two for a grazing bill

    Republican Sen. Pete Domenici of New Mexico resurrects a grazing bill for Congress.

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    Judge says counties aren't supreme

    A federal court charges Nevada rancher Cliff Gardner with trespassing and orders him to remove cattle from Humboldt National Forest.

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    Proposed gold mine stirs up a rural Washington county

    Farmers lead the protest against Battle Mountain Gold Company's open-pit mine in Washington's conservative Okanogan County.

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    Did toxic stew cook the goose?

    The deaths of 342 migrating snow geese in Montana's Berkeley Pit are blamed on the pit's toxicity by environmentalists, although the mine disputes it.

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    No profit in Kaiparowits Mine

    A Grand Canyon Trust study claims that Andalex Resources' proposed Smoky Hollow Mine will be a money-loser.

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    Deals and delays for Dixie

    Ranchers delay a Forest Service-ordered cutback in grazing on Boulder Mountain, claiming the agency falsified data.

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    Bad luck for New World mine

    Developers of the proposed New World gold mine on the edge of Yellowstone Park are ordered by a federal judge to clean up old waste from the site before getting necessary permits.

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    Too many pesticides

    The Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides releases a report called "Toxic Water," showing that pesticides harm salmon.

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    Babbitt protests a $1 billion giveaway

    Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt denounces the 1872 Mining Law for forcing him to sign over 110 acres of Idaho land worth $1 billion to a Danish mining company for $275.

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    Can sheep and coyote ever coexist?

    Predator Friendly, an unusual alliance of sheep ranchers, environmentalists and entrepreneurs, markets wool grown by ranchers who don't kill coyotes.

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    Company slips through president's noose

    Crown Butte mining company officials hastily file 38 claims on national forest lands adjacent to Yellowstone Park a day before President Clinton's moratorium on such claims goes into effect.

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    The USDA flexes its antitrust muscle

    The Department of Agriculture investigates one of the nation's largest meatpackers, IBP Inc., for antitrust violations.

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