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    Marching to stop a Montana mine

    A coalition of ranchers and Montana tribes leads a 600-mile march to protest a gold mine in Montana's Sweet Grass Hills.

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    Mine your own business

    Citizens of Yarnell, Ariz., form Guardians for the Rural Environment to protest a Canadian mining company's plans to reopen an open-pit gold mine.

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    It's the pits

    Summo USA Corp. plans to mine 34 million pounds of copper each year for 10 years in the Lisbon Valley southeast of Moab, Utah.

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    Ranger charges ranchers with assault

    Forest Service Range Conservationist Chuck Oliver is physically assaulted when he tries to attend a meeting in Eagle, Ariz., between public-lands ranchers and wise-use attorney Karen Budd-Falen.

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    Marvel ups the ante

    Conservationist Jon Marvel bid against rancher Mike Ward over a 10-year lease, raising the fee to $12,050, then folded and declared victory.

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    Farm bill helps the land - sort of

    The 1996 farm bill offers farmers the best-funded package of conservation incentives yet - but both farmers and environmentalists have misgivings.

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    Feds to Idaho mines: Clean up

    The federal government files suit against eight mining companies for polluting Idaho's Coeur d'Alene River basin with mining waste.

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    Noranda stirs up a swarm of opposition

    The controversial Crown Butte mining project near Yellowstone rouses opposition from both local citizens and national politicians.

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    Sid Goodloe

    Sid Goodloe, in his own words, discusses how to be a good steward of the land while making a living at ranching.

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    Experts line up on all sides of the tree-grass debate

    Western university biologists and botanists dispute Goodloe's theories - from several viewpoints.

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    Raising a ranch from the dead

    Rancher Sid Goodloe battles pinon-juniper and uses a variety of controversial methods to restore his ranchland in New Mexico.

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    Zookeeper helps a battered range

    Self-taught grazing activist Michael Seidman wins a victory when a federal judge rules that the Forest Service's analysis of a grazing allotment on Arizona's Tonto National Forest was inadequate.

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    Tailings pile makes waves

    The Nuclear Regulatory Agency's decision to cap 130 acres of radioactive debris with dirt on the bank of the Colorado River near Moab, Utah, angers local residents.

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    EPA tells Colorado to get tough on mine

    The EPA orders the state of Colorado to tighten regulations from open-pit gold mine near Victor.

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