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    Pollution in paradise

    Idaho's beautiful Silver Valley and Lake Coeur d'Alene build a new resort economy on a toxic stew of mining waste.

  • Essays

    The Last Ranch: The truth is stranger than the book

    After a year studying holistic resource management and a ranching family in Colorado's San Luis Valley, and another three years writing a book, the author goes back - to find that everything has changed.

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    What's not on the label

    The Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides wins a lawsuit requiring the EPA to divulge the "inert ingredients" of six pesticides.

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    Judge sends a message to cows

    In Oregon, Judge Ancer Haggerty says all applications for grazing permits need to be reviewed to see if the grazing would pollute state water.

  • Feature

    An 'unfair, inflexible' bid to clean Montana's water

    Montana's Clean Water Initiative arouses fierce industry protest with its plan to keep long-lived hardrock mining wastes out of the water.

  • Book Reviews

    Who you gonna call?

    The Mineral Policy Center publishes "The Green Mining Guide: Mining Experts You Can Call."

  • Book Reviews

    Small is back

    Jeff Rast of the Center for Small Acreage Farming in Camas County, Idaho, tries to help small farms survive and prosper.

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    Uranium poisons Navajo neighborliness

    Local Navajos lead the fight against Hydro Resources Inc.'s plan to leach uranium from groundwater at three sites on or near the Navajo Reservation.

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    All is not quiet on the Front

    Wyoming businessman Mark Alldredge files 104 mining claims in Montana's Rocky Mountain Front, possibly searching for diamonds.

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    Feds go after Summitville boss

    Justice Department lawyers go after Canadian mining magnate Robert Friedland for the Summitville gold mine cleanup in Colorado.

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    It ain't over till it's over

    Some worry that the land swap proposed to prevent Crown Butte Resources from mining near Yellowstone has only a 50-50 chance of success.

  • News

    Grazing bill returns for another round

    A bill sponsored by Sen. Pete Domenici, R-N.M., would reinstate rancher-dominated grazing advisory boards, phase out Resource Advisory Committees, and keep grazing fees low.

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    Multicultural grazing boards off to a good start

    The BLM's Resource Advisory Committees appointed by Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt help to ease tension and begin consensus among ranchers and environmentalists.

  • Feature

    Sowing the red suns of August

    Even when the tomatoes freeze and the deer trespass, gardening serves its own high purpose.

  • News

    Yellowstone mine a goner

    The Crown Butte Mine Co. agrees to give up its mine project near Yellowstone in exchange for unspecified land elsewhere.

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