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    A Rico renaissance

    The tiny mountain town of Rico, Colo., finds its post-mining economy threatened by a possible mining resurgence.

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    Mining the West

    A potpourri of maps and graphics illustrates the complex nature of hardrock mining in the West today.

  • Editor's Note

    Men with boots

    The transformation of once-scrappy mining towns like Silverton, Colo., and Superior, Ariz., into trendy tourist havens is bound to leave the locals with mixed feelings and some nostalgia.

  • Feature

    Reluctant Boomtown

    A copper-mining company is courting Superior, Ariz., but the former mining town – now re-inventing itself as a modest tourist haven – is unsure whether it really wants a new marriage with extractive industry.

  • News

    Mining reform has one foot in the door

    Bill passes House, but Senate expected to start from scratch

  • Writers on the Range

    Let’s reform the 1872 Mining Law – finally

    Lew Carpenter is one of many Western sportsmen urging the Senate to join the House in finally reforming the 1872 Mining Law.

  • Writers on the Range

    Like it or not, corn is in every meal

    Pete Letheby believes that King Corn and its byproducts, particularly the high-fructose corn syrup that’s in almost everything we eat, are to blame for the nation’s obesity and its agricultural pollution.

  • Writers on the Range

    Searching for flour where the wheat grows

    Carla Wise wants to make bread from wheat grown close to her home in Corvallis, Ore.

  • News

    Underground movement

    In northern Colorado, ranchette owners are scrambling to fight a proposal for uranium mining.

  • Book Reviews

    Cowboy love, with a generous sprinkling of sugar

    In Crybaby Ranch, novelist Tina Welling tells a romantic story with zest.

  • News

    The Sultans of Spuds

    Western farmers band together to form the “OPEC of Potatoes” – a farmers’ cooperative called the United Potato Growers of America

  • Writers on the Range

    America needs clean water – and mining law reform

    Tony Dean says it is way past time to modernize the 1872 Mining Law.

  • News

    The red, white and blue of ‘red or green?’

    New Mexico’s traditional chile industry faces hot competition from global producers

  • Feature

    Brave New Hay

    Monsanto’s genetically modified Roundup Ready alfalfa may take over the West, as the company re-engineers the world to conform to its business plan

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    Native hum

    As honeybees vanish, Western farmers turn to the region’s native pollinators

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