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  • Editor's Note Ruthless economics

    Ruthless economics

    By insisting on buying goods, especially food, as cheaply as possible, we ignore the hidden and occasionally horrendous costs.

  • Letters

    Petroleum High: good or evil?

  • Letters

    Educate on!

  • Current Small poultry farmers grapple with lack of slaughterhouses

    Small poultry farmers grapple with lack of slaughterhouses

    There just aren't enough slaughterhouses for small poultry farms in Oregon and other Western states.

  • Letters

    Toxic soil, East to West

  • Letters

    Reclamation reality check

  • Current All hopped up

    All hopped up

    Organic hop growers are toasting new regulations that require organic beers to use organic hops.

  • Feature Hardrock Mining Showdown

    Hardrock Mining Showdown

    In southern Arizona, the Forest Service is debating whether to defy the 1872 Mining Law and stop a controversial copper mine.

  • Editor's Note Mining Reform: Deja vu again and again

    Mining Reform: Deja vu again and again

    A 138-year-old law blocks serious hardrock mining reform, despite the untiring work of activists.

  • Current Buy buy ballot

    Buy buy ballot

    Although most Nevadans seemed in favor of a hardrock mining tax increase, an initiative that proposed to do just that never made it to the ballot.

  • Perspective Not good news for the locals

    Not good news for the locals

    Afghanis might learn from history what happens to people who live above valuable minerals.

  • Feature Nevada's Golden Child

    Nevada's Golden Child

    Hardrock mining's outsized political power in Nevada may finally be eroding, thanks to state budget woes.

  • Heard Around the West

    Hot potato hunt

    Mickey D's searches for new star spud for their famous fries.

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    A beeting

  • Letters

    Put a (GMO) tiger in your tank

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