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  • Book Reviews

    Culture in crisis

    A critical review of the ranching film "Western Ranching: Culture in Crisis.'

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    Indians and environmentalists protest a Montana gold mine

    Native Americans and environmentalists from the Mineral Policy Center and the Montana Environmental Information Center protest the expansion of the Pegasus gold mine.

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    Babbitt unveils new grazing proposal

    Babbitt's grazing reform plans will be implemented slowly.

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    Grazers and greenies agree on reforms

    The High Country Citizens' Alliance and the Gunnison County Stockgrowers work together on a grazing proposal.

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    Gold company stymied in Montana's Sweet Grass Hills

    The BLM refuses permission to explore gold-mining claims in the Sweet Grass hills.

  • Book Reviews

    Takings and givings

    'The Workbook', a guide to the skirmishes over grazing and the Catron County movement by Barry Sims, is reviewed.

  • News

    Pistol-packing pickers

    Mushroom harvesters are fired upon when they get too close to commercial pickers in Oregon.

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    Idaho ranchers finally get their man

    Forest Service District Ranger Don Oman is to be transferred from his southern Idaho forest district.

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    Colorado passes mining reforms

    The Colorado legislature passes mining reforms after the Summitville gold mine disaster.

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    Washington and a gold mine

    A moratorium on heap-leaching is sought by the Washington Wilderness Coalition and two other environmental groups.

  • News

    A push for reform

    Colo. Governor Romer orders a criminal investigation of the Summitville mine disaster.

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    Compromise pleases no one

    The Forest Service EIS on new grazing regulations for Idaho's Stanley Basin upsets both ranchers and environmentalists.

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    Bruce Babbitt on Western land use: 1993 is the "year of decision'

    Babbitt participates in a number of grazing meetings held around the West.

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    Game farmers corralled

    Washington game farmers sue the state Department of Wildlife for restricting game farming.

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    A big gold mine wants to get bigger

    The Pegasus gold mine plans expansion amid Assiniboine and Gros Ventre tribes' accusations of pollution.

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