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    Mega coal mine proposed again in Utah

    Andalex Resources Inc. plans huge coal mine on the Kaiparowits Plateau.

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    Return of the rustlers

    Cattle rustling apparently on the increase, Wyoming State Livestock Board says.

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    BLM reversed on grazing permit transfer

    In Oregon, 500,000 acres of public grazing land in limbo after Department of Interior Board of Land Appeals overturns BLM decision to transfer permits to new MC Ranch owners.

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    The West's grazing war grinds on

    Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt's grazing reform compromise opposed by ranchers all over the West; but Babbitt, with some Congressional and gubernatorial support, may stand firm.

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    Elk ranchers escape from Colorado's Division of Wildlife

    Colorado Division of Wildlife says new law won't provide adequate protection against cross-breeding between domesticated and wild elk herds.

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    Gold mines are sucking aquifers dry

    Gold mines are dewatering aquifers along Nevada's Humboldt River.

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    Grazing allotment in hot water

    Oregon environmental groups sue Malheur National Forest for violating Clean Water Act by allowing grazing to raise water temperatures in the Alan Day River, fatal to fish.

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    Grazing combatants vow to keep feuding

    Babbitt's grazing hearing in Albuquerque runs into barbed wire; he urges cooperation as ranchers and environmentalists dispute.

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    The labyrinthine nature of mine waste regulations

    Environmental Protection Agency wants to put gold and copper mines under Superfund regulations.

  • Feature

    Can a copper firm restore a blasted ecosystem?

    Kennecott Copper wants to clean up Bingham Canyon copper mine on its own, while Environmental Protection Agency wants to make it a Superfund site.

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    All eyes on cows

    Rangeland Reform "94 hearings set.

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    Going to pot

    Marijuana dropped into Maricopa County, Ariz., irrigation canal could sprout plants all over county.

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    Babbitt attacks mining's gold heists

    Barrick Goldstrike Mines pays U.S. $10,000 for $10 billion in gold.

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    The Not O.K. Corral

    Rancher Cliven Bundy refuses to pay grazing fees to BLM.

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    Lawsuit is launched against grazing in Montana

    National Wildlife Federation files suit to stop public-lands grazing in Montana.

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