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    Millions for furniture

    Federal audit shows $5.4 million intended for reforestation to have been misspent.

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    A spinning door

    Former BLM official Joe Hall is hired as consultant by Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District.

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    Babbitt is trying to nationalize the BLM

    Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt discusses at the first-ever BLM summit plans to revolutionize the BLM.

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    A leaking public lands fund

    Groups urge better use of Land and Water Conservation Fund.

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    South Pass reconsidered

    Wyoming environmental group gets Bureau of Land Management to reconsider the route of a natural gas pipeline over historic South Pass.

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    Wise-use ordinances suffer legal setback

    Boundary County land-use plan found unconstitutional.

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    Baca at the barricades

    Jim Baca faces removal as BLM director.

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    BLM union comes to Moab

    BLM employees vote to unionize because of management and morale problems.

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    The return of Tom Horn?

    The Tom Horn Society claims responsibility for the bombing of a BLM office in Reno.

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    J'accuse in Oregon

    The Hells Canyon Preservation Council claims the Forest Service is guilty of desecrating petroglyphs by building roads to Pittsburg Landing.

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    Office bombed in Nevada

    A bomb explodes at the Bureau of Land Management office in Reno.

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    Two "miners" may be seeking to shaft into U.S. Treasury

    Two Oregon miners may have staked a claim to pressure the feds to buy them out.

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    From rocks to pot

    Two Bureau of Land Management employees are arrested for growing marijuana on BLM land.

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    Arizona BLM punishes "bad bureaucrat'

    BLM hydrologist is censured after charging that groundwater pumping could harm the nation's first national conservation area along the San Pedro River.

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    A "Holy Land' is saved in Montana

    The "Gallatin Range Consolidation Act of 1993' land swap appeases loggers, pleases environmentalists and protects elk, grizzly and Yellowstone cutthroat trout.

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