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    BLM land: outstanding opportunities for crowding

    Increased tourism on BLM lands forces the agency to rethink its management plans.

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    How the BLM killed a cow to save a canyon and stop the paperwork

    The removal of a lone cow from Utah's Chimney Canyon cost reams of paperwork, road-building and human effort.

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    Irony piles on irony in Wyoming

    A proposed private-federal land swap designed to preserve Wyoming's Spring Gulch Ranch raises controversy and charges of elitism.

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    Can BLM save the grass, and itself?

    The BLM begins fighting back in a last-ditch effort to save grazing reform - and the agency itself - from legislation that would halt reform and turn over public lands to the state.

  • Uncommon Westerners

    A progressive bureaucrat signs off

    Ed Marston interviews HCN reader Daniel Beard, who resigns as Bureau of Reclamation Commissioner Sept. 1.

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    BLM stumped by squatter

    Former militia member Ken Medenbach is barred from the 10 acres of federal land he "seized" and began to log last spring.

  • Book Reviews

    Outdoor museum preserved for now

    Two geologists help preserve carved bedrock of Idaho's Big Wood River.

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    A grim Wyoming hearing for BLM and greens

    Petroleum industry criticizes BLM proposal for managing Wyoming's Grass Creek area, during a heated public hearing.

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    'Marvel'ous auction in Idaho

    Conservationist Jon Marvel loses bid to rancher at a state-land grazing auction in Idaho Falls.

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    Are the feds land-grabbers?

    A General Accounting Office report on federal lands acreage reveals conflicting statistics.

  • Book Reviews

    BLM accepts eco-challenge

    A controversial "Eco-Challenge" race through Utah's canyon country is approved by the BLM despite much opposition from environmentalists.

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    Unranchers get competitive

    Environmentalists try to lease state lands that usually are given to ranchers.

  • Feature

    The Great Basin: America's wasteland seeks a new

    The Great Basin has often been seen as a wasteland, but now new visions are defining the region.

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    R.S. 2477 detoured again

    Department of Interior delays deadline for resolving a dispute over R.S. 2477, which encourages road building on public lands.

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    Race alarms public; methane project doesn't

    Public ignores proposed coal-bed methane project while commenting loudly on cross-country race in Utah.

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