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    Buy land now, says Udall

    Rep. Mark Udall, D, is battling a Colorado Department of Resources moratorium on buying land for wildlife habitat.

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    Risks multiply for land managers

    A report by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility titled "Attacks on Federal Employees" documents a rising tide of violence against Forest Service and BLM staffers.

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    The secretary's must-do list for Western lands

    Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt has his eye on a half-dozen other BLM territories in the West that he is considering for greater protection before he leaves office.

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    'Multiple use is still the best concept'

    In his own words, ranch manager Stacy Davies says that multiple use is best for Steens Mountain.

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    'I don't want to run a different business'

    In his own words, rancher Fred Otley defends ranchers' stewardship on Steens Mountain.

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    'The more protection ... the better'

    In his own words, Bill Marlett of the Oregon Natural Desert Association says that Steens Mountain needs all the protection it can get.

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    'I see lawsuits as a last resort'

    In her own words, Sierra Club volunteer Jill Workman says that grazing need not be banned on Steens Mountain.

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    'Environmentalists will win'

    In his own words, environmentalist lawyer Andy Kerr argues for an end to grazing on Steens Mountain.

  • Feature

    Go tell it on the mountain

    While Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt considers greater protection for Oregon's Steens Mountain, local ranchers and environmentalists argue over whether the land should become a cow-free national monument or a conservation area that would allow grazing.

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    Another wilderness developer pops up

    Developer Jim Sievers wants to build an exclusive wilderness playground on the inholding he owns in the middle of Montana's Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness.

  • Opinion

    Battered borderlands

    As the number of illegal immigrants crossing the Sonoran Desert into Arizona rises, the Border Patrol is faced with the need to protect a fragile environment at the same time that it polices the border.

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    Agency cheerleader

    In his own words, BLM Manager John Singlaub talks about how to save Walker Lake by building partnerships with grassroots organizations like the Walker Lake Working Group.

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    Wilderness developer Tom Chapman is back

    Notorious developer Tom Chapman is circulating a glossy brochure for the mansions he says he plans to build on former mining claims in Colorado's Holy Cross Wilderness.

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    Trail-crew volunteers

    The Colorado Fourteeners Initiative is looking for trail-crew volunteers for weekends on Mount Harvard and Mount Bierstadt in Colorado.

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    Court nixes land exchange

    In Washington, a federal appeals court has ruled that the controversial Huckleberry Mountain land exchange needs more study.

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