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    Swindle-ition vistas

  • Writers on the Range To fight fire, fight forest development

    To fight fire, fight forest development

    The only way to bring firefighting costs under control is to discourage the stupid practice of building houses right next to fire-prone Western forests.

  • Feature The Growth Machine is Broken

    The Growth Machine is Broken

    Phoenix land-use planners want to use a chunk of state trust land as a laboratory for future, more sustainable real estate development.

  • Feature Surprise!


    Surprise, Ariz., exemplifies the Arizona real estate collapse along with what many see as the rise and fall of the car-dependent Western exurb.

  • Letters

    Conservation before compromise

  • Feature Go Sell It On The Mountain

    Go Sell It On The Mountain

    For 30 years, local environmentalists have been fighting with Crested Butte’s owners over a proposed controversial expansion of the ski resort.

  • Letters

    Scattered to the winds

  • Current Closing in

    Closing in

    One of the greatest challenges facing Western military bases comes from the growth of urban sprawl.

  • Writers on the Range The very worst thing about hard times

    The very worst thing about hard times

    Too often, Americans feel personally guilty when they’re poor and out of work, even when outside forces are responsible.

  • Writers on the Range

    A macabre measure of the human footprint

    Susan Tweit says the huge numbers of road-killed wildlife point to a simple fact: There are too many of us.

  • Editor's Note

    Is America ready for the rails?

    More business travelers would choose Amtrak if the trains were faster – or if people could get work done during long journeys.

  • Feature All Aboard

    All Aboard

    American railroads -- especially passenger trains -- seem to be at last on the brink of a revival.

  • Writers on the Range

    Of an environmental hero and the need for reform

    Paul Larmer reminds us that it will take more than a single environmental hero – like Tim DeChristopher, who cleverly sabotaged a BLM energy-lease auction – to reform the agency.

  • Writers on the Range

    Forest Service skips a chance to do things right

    Rather than take an honest, in-depth look at the trails and roads on its land, Sarah Peters says the Forest Service took the easy way out.

  • Writers on the Range

    This is the time to make land management make sense

    Ed Quillen has suggestions for how to fix the West by consolidating the federal land agencies and charging people to build in Stupid Zones.

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