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    Guide for green loggers

    Forest Trust publishes guide for environmentally aware logging and forest use.

  • Book Reviews

    Trail volunteers rewarded

    Adopt-a-Trail program thrives in Idaho's Targhee National Forest.

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    Yellowstone gets new superintendent

    Yellowstone Superintendent Bob Barbee to be replaced by Michael Finley from Yosemite.

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    Old guard may beat new chief

    Retired U.S. forest Service Supervisor Tom Kovalicky gives speech warning of agency backlash and resistance to change.

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    Wolves in the schools

    Fremont County schools cancel wolf presentations at elementary schools in Lander, Wyoming.

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    Agency takes out a cabin

    Agency destroys mining cabin used for recreation on Manti-Lasal National Forest.

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    Oil, feathers and EPA

    Oil pits kill thousands of migrating birds.

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    The Chapman saga continues

    U.S. Forest Service's land trade with developer Tom Chapman signed, but Telluride neighbors ask injunction to prevent development.

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    Northwest forests hit by new lawsuits

    Numerous lawsuits attempt to halt logging of old-growth forests.

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    A doomed species? Spotted owl may be losing its long fight for survival

    While experts disagree and timber industry pooh-poohs, spotted owl may lose its long fight for survival.

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    Saving the remnants

    Citizens' Wilderness Proposal for Wyoming BLM lands being developed.

  • Book Reviews

    ADC must go

    Two reports look at abuses in Animal Damage Control program.

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    Mushrooming business is curbed

    Forest Service develops regulations to quell violence in Northwest's booming mushroom business.

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    Suit halts coyote killings

    Lawsuit forces Idaho to cancel permit for shooting coyotes.

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    Dams spill water, salmon in Northwest

    National Marine Fisheries Service orders eight Columbia and Snake river dams to spill water to help save salmon.

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