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    White sturgeon needs help

    White Sturgeon may be designated as an endangered species.

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    Woman arrested for sitting in tree

    An Ancient Forest Rescue protester is arrested for blocking a timber sale by sitting in a tree.

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    Still looking for Trouble

    'Trouble' the grizzly bear is still on the run.

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    Arson feared this summer

    Arson could create fire-fighting and salvage timber jobs in Willamette National Forest.

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    A $100,000 tortoise

    The Silver State Leasing Co. receives $100,000 fine for killing a desert tortoise during construction near Las Vegas.

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    Wilderness bill for Colorado advances

    The Colorado House approves legislation proposing 711,170 new acres of wilderness.

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    The last sockeye?

    Only three sockeye salmon return to spawn at Redfish Lake.

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    How the Forest Service dug itself into a very deep pit

    The Forest Service mismanages timber sales in Utah's Dixie National Forest.

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    Film indicts clearcuts

    'Wilderness: The Last Stand', a film by Miranda Smith, criticizes the timber industry and the Forest Service in Montana.

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    Here comes trouble

    Trouble, the bear, escapes from captivity and heads home.

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    A culinary threat to desert tortoises

    A Tacoma man is arrested for harvesting desert tortoises he planned to serve at a wedding feast.

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    Wildlife refuge starts to heal

    Overgrazing threatens Oregon's Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge.

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    State can cut its trees

    A federal court in San Francisco rules that timber grown on Washington state lands can be exported.

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    Do grizzlies need more protection?

    A legal battle rages over reclassification of grizzlies from threatened to endangered species.

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    Wolf recovery needs our help

    The wolf recovery program in Yellowstone needs public support.

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