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    Once more, for the sturgeon

    Operators at Montana's Libby Dam will again try to keep the Kootenai River white sturgeon off the endangered species list.

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    Human activity must yield to bears

    The Forest Service changes reduces logging and roadbuilding in Flathead National Forest and Glacier National Park in order to protect grizzly habitat.

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    Groups blast recovery plan for four salmon runs

    A Snake River Chinook Recovery Team plan to truck salmon downstream does more to protect hydropower than fish, critics say.

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    More talk about wolves

    The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service extends its deadline for public comment on the wolf restoration project in Yellowstone.

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    Interior settles refuge lawsuit

    The Interior Department says it will stop grazing, motorboating and other secondary uses on the nation's wildlife refuges.

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    Wilderness is ransomed

    Forester Elizabeth Estill approves a controversial land trade that gives Tom Chapman 107 acres near Telluride in exchange for his 240-acre inholding in the West Elk Wilderness.

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    The decline and fall of salmon

    Logging, hydropower and fishing contribute to the decline of salmon in Oregon waters.

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    Western governers want help

    Governors from Idaho, Washington, California and Oregon ask the President to design a strategy to restore declining salmon runs.

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    I'll take that

    A hunter abandons a bull elk after a grizzly arrives on the scene.

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    Clinton's forest plan draws 83,000 responses

    Clinton's Option 9 forest plan draws fire from all sides after the April Forest Summit.

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    Pine marten loses protection

    Utah lifts a three-year moratorium on trapping pine marten.

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    Battle for Montana wilderness enters its 16th round

    Rep. Pat Williams introduces the Montana Wilderness Act for the 16th time, amidst disagreements between The Alliance for the Wild Rockies, The Sierra Club and other members of the environmentalist community.

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    The next timber frontier

    Several Northwest timber companies set their sights on Siberia's arctic forest with the help of Oregon Rep. Les AuCoin.

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    Is eight enough?

    Only eight Salmon River sockeye salmon complete the migration to Redfish Lake.

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    Study says Elwha River is reclaimable

    The Elwha Study shows that salmon habitat could be brought back to life if Elwha and Glines Canyon dams are removed.

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