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    Poacher gets light sentence

    A hunter pleads guilty to poaching elk in Yellowstone National Park.

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    Are bears counted twice?

    A National Park Service scientist complains that there are no reliable statistics on grizzly populations in Yellowstone.

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    The plan in brief

    The National Park Service's plan for grizzly recovery in Yellowstone is summarized.

  • Feature

    Grizzly recovery plan could doom bears, critics say

    Environmentalists and wildlife biologists criticize a Forest Service plan to manage grizzlies in Yellowstone.

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    Struggling species in Colorado

    The Colorado Division of Wildlife adds the boreal toad and the Rio Grande sucker to the endangered list, and the Mexican spotted owl to the threatened list.

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    Sierra Club to back big wildlands bill

    The Sierra Club joins the Alliance for the Wild Rockies in backing the Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act.

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    BPA proposes a fish trust

    Rep. Pete DeFazio wants the Bonneville Power Administration to turn over its salmon restoration program to a more wildlife-oriented agency.

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    Agency makes it harder to steal trees

    Forest Service Chief Dale Robertson creates an independent law-enforcement branch.

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    The missing lynx

    The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service agrees to launch a multistate search for the rare lynx.

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    Andrus' suit gains support

    A coalition of environmentalists and business owners support Idaho Gov. Cecil Andrus' suit to hold dam operators responsible for killing salmon.

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    Newspaper series unsettles the Northwest

    The "Spokesman-Review' publishes a series about Forest Service mismanagement in five national forests in the Northwest.

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    Critics want foresters fired

    Environmentalists urge Jack Ward Thomas to remove the two top forest managers in the agency's Southwest region.

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    Wildlife refuge needs money

    An Interior Department report concludes that many wildlife refuges suffer from neglect.

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    Poachers zero in on Yellowstone's prized wildlife

    More poachers take wildlife from Yellowstone.

  • Feature

    Agency inches toward diversity

    District Ranger Melissa Blackwell cites her career as proof that the Forest Service is dropping gender barriers and shifting priorities.

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