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    Nuclear-free utility

    Energy efficiency puts the Sacramento Municipal Utility District into the black.

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    Farmers outgunned by the oil and gas industry

    The Colorado Legislature guts a bill protecting farmers' interests against the oil and gas industry.

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    Washington doesn't get it, officials say

    Custer National Forest is under pressure to speed oil and gas leasing.

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    WPPSS's endless saga

    After Trojan closes, Oregon's last nuclear power plant faces an uncertain future.

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    Oregon's Trojan horse: Fatally flawed nuclear power plant is shut

    Oregon's Trojan nuclear power plant closes permanently after charges of safety violations.

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    How to repack and shut Pandora's box

    The decommissioning of the Trojan nuclear power plant may serve as a model for other plants.

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    How BPA is ruining the Northwest

    The writer challenges the Bonneville Power Administration's "more' and "bigger' goals.

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    Bomb testing may resume in Nevada

    Nuclear bomb testing could resume in Nevada.

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    Salt caves not licked yet

    Wild and scenic designation on the Klamath River may stop an Oregon hydroelectric project.

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    Down but not out

    The AB Lateral hydropower project on Colorado's Gunnison and Uncompahgre rivers is vetoed.

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    Hot Glass

    The Department of Energy wants to turn Hanford's nuclear waste into glass logs.

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    Is Babbitt for Badger?

    Babbitt will review an oil-drilling proposal near Glacier National Park.

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    Fouled water leads to court

    Durango, Colo., residents charge that gas production pollutes their wells.

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    Road halted near historic ranch

    The Elkhorn Ranch Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park is saved from a major road project to serve oil and gas development

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    Chevron takes aim at Uintas

    Chevron's widened search for oil into the Uinta mountains threatens the entire range.

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