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    For further reading

    A short list of books for further reading about Hanford's history and its toxic legacy.

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    Hanford's prime cuts

    Four pieces of Hanford real estate are the focus of prospective landlords who want control.

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    Amid the lovely the lethal remains

    During its 40 years of weapons-building, Hanford knowingly exposed workers and area residents to dangerous levels of radiation, and the health impacts continue to be felt today.

  • Feature

    At Hanford, the real estate is hot

    Conservationists, politicians, Indians and farmers fight over the polluted but beautiful land of Washington's Hanford Nuclear Reservation.

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    BPA: Making amends for a destructive past

    The Bonneville Power Administration was born in the Great Depression and now sells the power from 29 federal dams.

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    Changing times force agency to swim upstream

    The Bonneville Power Administration faces environmental and utility critics as it struggles to survive.

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    Round and round and round it goes, where it stops...

    Problems plague all the Western sites under consideration for nuclear waste burial.

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    Idaho's new crop: nuclear hot potatoes

    The Shoshone-Bannock and environmentalists protest the train shipment of high-level nuclear wastes bound for the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory.

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    Is Altamont historic, too?

    Tom Bell and the Friends of South Pass seek to preserve the area as a National Rural Historic Landscape.

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    Tom Bell

    Tom Bell calls the Altamont pipeline "a disgraceful example of government integrity gone awry."

  • Feature

    HCN's founder fights his last fight, yet again

    HCN founder Tom Bell fights the proposed Altamont gas pipeline, which he says would harm the historic Oregon Trail at South Pass.

  • Book Reviews

    Polluter Pork

    The Sustainable Energy Budget Coalition blasts congressional budget cuts in renewable energy and support for fossil fuel and nuclear programs.

  • Book Reviews

    A humming good race

    The first annual Sun Sprint of the Rockies Solar and Electric car race will run from Aspen, Colo., to Moab, Utah.

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    A royal cover-up

    New Mexico's Meridian Oil Inc. has been shortchanging the government on royalties, according to a BLM investigation.

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    Blow-up over nuclear dump

    Scientists worry that a planned underground nuclear waste dump at Yucca Mountain might someday explode.

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