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    Urgent news from the front

    Environmentalists oppose the Forest Service's proposal to allow new oil and gas leases in Montana's Rocky Mountain Front.

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    Will Idaho voters derail nuclear trains?

    Idaho's Proposition 3 would void Gov. Phil Batt's deal to bring some nuclear waste into the state and would require that all such agreements in the future have citizen approval.

  • Book Reviews

    Not coal alone

    "How the West Can Win: A Blueprint for a Clean & Affordable Energy Future" offers environmental alternatives to relying on coal.

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    Waste creeps toward Yucca Mountain

    A Senate bill that passed in July clears the way for shipping nuclear waste to Nevada's Yucca Mountain as early as 1998.

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    Radioactive waste is hot issue in Idaho

    Nuclear waste critics got a "Stop the Shipments" initiative on the November ballot, to derail Idaho Gov. Batt's agreement to accept more waste - but some warn the situation is too complex for a simple solution.

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    A tree did it

    Two summer power blackouts in the West are caused by wayward trees.

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    Sharing a clouded past

    The Hanford Health Information Network is gathering archives on people exposed to radiation from southeast Washington's Hanford Nuclear Reservation.

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    A Colorado canyon faces an uncertain future

    Western Colorado's Demaree Canyon, a wilderness study area, faces possible natural-gas drilling owing to a grandfathered drilling permit.

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    Wyoming's Red Desert: 15 million acres of contention

    A possible oil and gas boom in Wyoming's Red Desert has environmentalists scrambling to mitigate the impacts without totally alienating local oil and gas workers.

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    'Boom' potential at Rocky Flats

    A dangerous build-up of hydrogen gas at the closed Rocky Flats nuclear facility near Denver, Colo., has activists very worried.

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    Ellensburg wins back its beauty

    A group of concerned Ellensburg, Wash., citizens succeeds in getting 12 tall, unsightly power poles removed from downtown.

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    80,000 tons of nuclear waste may head for Nevada

    The Senate Energy Committee approves the temporary storage of nuclear waste near Nevada's Yucca Mountain.

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    Wild Wyoming under siege

    Environmentalists and sportsmen gather in Rock Springs, Wyo., to discuss the problems caused by increasing oil and gas development.

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    Nuclear waste deal challenged

    Idaho State Sen. Clint Stennett accuses Gov. Phil Batt of abusing executive power by signing a nuclear waste deal with the federal government.

  • Book Reviews

    American Ground Zero

    Photographer Carole Gallagher profiles the West's downwinders and atomic veterans in a show and lecture in Denver, Colorado.

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