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    Forest Service acts to preserve 'the Front'

    Lewis and Clark National Forest Supervisor Gloria Flora decides against allowing oil and gas leasing in Montana's Rocky Mountain Front.

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    Just charge it

    The Tucson Electric Power Company opens eight free charge-up stations in Tucson for electric cars.

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    A cleanup project can't get going

    What was supposed to be a pioneering clean-up by a private company of radioactive waste at the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory bogs down amid cost overruns and failed deadlines.

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    The drilling proceeds

    The BLM gives Conoco Inc. permission to drill for oil in southern Utah's new Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.

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    A nuclear dump proposal rouses Utah

    A private company's plan to store nuclear waste on western Utah's Goshute Indian Reservation would bring money to the tribe, but cause environmental harm, Utah critics say.

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    Radioactive waste from Hanford is seeping toward the Columbia

    Two whistleblowers - safety auditor Casey Ruud and geophysicist John Brodeur - find that radioactive waste from some of the biggest, leaking storage tanks has already reached groundwater and is heading toward the Columbia River.

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    Bombs tested in Nevada

    The Department of Energy begins a series of underground nuclear detonations at the Nevada Test Site, and environmentalists and arms control groups protest.

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    A cover-up over fallout?

    The National Cancer Institute has been sitting on a study that says up to 72,000 people - many living far from nuclear bomb test sites in Nevada - may have been exposed to dangerous amounts of radiation in the 1950s.

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    Co-existence criticized

    Five environmental groups say that oil and gas drilling on the Shoshone National Forest threatens grizzly bear habitat.

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    Hanford workers point the finger

    Four workers at the Hanford, Wash., plutonium reclamation facility say they are still suffering health problems after a May 14 accident at the facility.

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    Pressure builds for Yucca Mountain

    U.S. Senate wants to begin using Nevada's Yucca Mountain to temporarily store high-level nuclear waste.

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    Some fear the Colorado is getting nuked

    The Nuclear Regulatory Commission's decision to let Atlas Minerals buy 10 million tons of uranium tailings near Moab, Utah, has environmentalists worried about possible contamination of the nearby Colorado River.

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    Marathon Oil sues to get into roadless area

    Marathon Oil Company is suing to get into lands pulled from a routine oil and gas lease sale because they are in a roadless, possible wilderness area.

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    Is Hanford back in the bomb business?

    The Department of Energy is considering using Hanford's research nuclear reactor to produce tritium for nuclear weapons.

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    Nuclear dump could waste the Colorado, foes say

    Activists are protesting the state of California's plans to build a low-level nuclear dump in the desert's Ward Valley.

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