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    A disaster puts spotlight on pipeline safety

    The explosion of a gasoline pipeline in Bellingham, Wash., which killed three people, leads the Olympic Pipe Line Co. to withdraw its plan to build the Cross Cascade Pipeline.

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    Court puts gas in private hands

    The Supreme Court rules that coalbed methane gas in southwestern Colorado does not belong to the Southern Utes, even though the tribe owns the coal from which the methane is extracted.

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    Big Oil down the tubes?

    Environmentalists disagree over whether an oil consortium's plan to build a pipeline across the Cascades is a good thing that will reduce oil spills in the ocean, or a danger to the mountains of Washington.

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    Greens fight lonely battle near Yellowstone

    Dubois, Wyo., environmentalists are frustrated by the lack of local interest in and opposition to the Forest Service's plans to open almost 1 million acres of the Shoshone National Forest to oil and gas exploration.

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    Nuclear waste goes camping

    Rocky Flats is running out of room to store the nuclear debris that is being cleaned up on the former bomb-making factory outside Denver.

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    Nuclear waste dump opens

    The Waste Isolation Pilot Plant outside Carlsbad, N.M., receives its first truckload of nuclear debris as anti-nuclear activists continue to protest.

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    Oil wells in my backyard?

    In western Colorado's La Plata County, locals fight for a moratorium on gas development until the state studies the impacts of the methane drilling that many say is making their lives miserable.

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    Where will the waste wind up?

    Project opponents, including the state of Nevada, object to the Department of Energy's assessment that high-level nuclear waste can soon be stored at Yucca Mountain.

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    Trading up to salmon power

    The Emerald People's Utility District near Eugene, Ore., plans to provide "green power" to its customers, encouraging energy production that doesn't harm air quality or salmon.

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    Solar power is booming

    The Worldwatch Institute's report shows that solar power's growth rate is up.

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    The Rocky Mountain Front faces new oil-and-gas threat

    Blackfeet Indians argue over the planned oil and gas exploration on Chief Mountain, on the border between the reservation and Glacier National Park.

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    Tour the underground

    North Dakota's "Energy Trail" gives tourists a chance to visit coal mines and power plants.

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    Between an oil lease and a hard place

    The BLM is in the middle of a mess it created when it sold oil and gas rights in New Mexico's Bisti/De-Na-Zin wilderness before it became a wilderness.

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    There goes the neighborhood

    Residents of a Steamboat Springs, Colo., neighborhood that is powered by solar and propane energy, are upset with CEO Jim Mann's plans to power the 21,000 sq.-ft. house he wants to build there with electricity from the grid.

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    Fast flux on a fast track

    Even as Washington state officials complain about the slow pace of cleanup at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, the Department of Energy wants to restart nuclear weapons production there.

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