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    Downwinders fight for their due

    Protesters in Salt Lake City charge that the federal government has yet to fully compensate people in Utah, Nevada and Idaho whose health was harmed by the nuclear-bomb testing that started 50 years ago.

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    Landowners could get gas relief

    Four bills in the Colorado state Legislature promise to give landowners more rights in the regulation of methane gas development, but some activists remain skeptical.

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    Wind power spins into the energy mainstream

    The largest wind farm in the world is being constructed on the Oregon-Washington border near Walla Walla, Washington.

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    Rearranging the grid

    High Country News' publisher discusses his years on the board of the Delta-Montrose Electric Association, and the surprising common ground that has developed between the electric co-op and environmentalists like himself.

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    Backyard power struggle

    Some locals on southwestern Colorado are fighting an electric utility's plans to upgrade the power line that runs between Nucla and Telluride.

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    Power on the loose

    Electric utility deregulation and California's energy crisis hold promise and peril for the rest of the West, as conservationists seek to ensure that new energy systems are both efficient and easy on the land and water and air.

  • Book Reviews

    Lifting the veil of secrecy

    Len Ackland's book, "Making a Real Killing: Rocky Flats and the Nuclear West," gives a comprehensive and often scary history of the Rocky Flats nuclear bomb factory near Denver, Colo.

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    Hot Property: A former nuclear bomb factory gets caughtin suburban turf wars

    Rocky Flats, a former nuclear bomb factory, is caught between Denver's rapidly growing suburbs, which covet the open space, and conservationists who want the cleaned-up area to become a national wildlife refuge.

  • Book Reviews

    Agency gets rebuked

    A National Academy of Sciences report on the "Long-Term Institutional Management of U.S. Department of Energy Legacy Waste Sites" says that the Dept. of Energy still doesn't know how to manage the more than 100 federal nuclear sites in the country.

  • Book Reviews

    Atomic farmgirl

    "Atomic Farmgirl: The Betrayal of Chief Qualchan, the Appaloosa and Me," is Teri Hein's memoir of growing up in eastern Washington, on farmland contaminated by nuclear weapons production at Hanford Nuclear Reservation.

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    Los Alamos piles on more waste

    Local watchdog groups are worried that radioactive waste intended for temporary storage at Los Alamos National Laboratory will be there permanently, as new waste arrives with no definite future destination.

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    From nuclear fuel to nature trails

    Oregon may set a precedent with its planned transformation of the defunct Trojan nuclear power plant into a state park.

  • Book Reviews

    Take a walk

    Katie Alvord's book, Divorce Your Car! Ending the love affair with the automobile, offers reason, advice and good humor about reducing automobile use.

  • Book Reviews

    Efficient energy is efficient business

    Washington State University's Cooperative Extension Energy Program has an Energy Ideas Clearinghouse Web site, offering many ways to conserve power.

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    Greens are still seeing red

    Environmentalists say Wyoming's Red Desert is in danger, facing the prospect of 10,000-15,000 oil and gas wells by 2010.

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