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    Rural monster homes may not fly

    A proposed new rural-remote zoning law in Colorado's Pitkin County, designed to prevent the growth of "monster homes," faces fierce opposition from some local landowners such as Betty LaMont.

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    Mount Graham time line

    A time line illustrates the history of Mount Graham and its squirrels, Apaches, astronomers and environmentalists.

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    Sound-bite slogans distort a complicated reality

    Mount Graham has spawned such extremism that middle ground is almost impossible to find.

  • Opinion

    The university aimed for the stars and hit Mount Graham

    The saga of Mount Graham demonstrates that the University of Arizona's shortcuts, questionable tactics and attempts to get around the law are ultimately responsible for creating an impossible situation.

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    The straight arrow

    Former University of Arizona professor and one-time BLM head Frank Gregg believes the Mount Graham controversy shows a flaw at the heart of all universities when it comes to research and money.

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    The petitioning ecologist

    University of Arizona Ph.D. candidate in ecology and evolutionary biology Mark Fishbein explains his objections to the Mount Graham project.

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    The biogladiator

    Biologist Peter Warshall is the University of Arizona faculty's most outspoken critic of the project.

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    The diplomat ecologist

    University of Arizona professor of ecology and evolutionary biology Conrad Istock believes an observatory may help save Mount Graham.

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    The Apache activist

    San Carlos Apache activist Ola Cassadore Davis talks about Mount Graham's sacredness and the coalition she founded to fight for it.

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    The administrator

    University of Arizona vice president for research and graduate studies Michael Cusanovich defends the university's Mount Graham project.

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    The astronomer

    Astronomer Peter Strittmatter defends observatories as "benign places."

  • Feature

    Making a mountain into a starbase: The long, bitter battle over Mount Graham

    The University of Arizona's determination to build a world-class observatory on Mount Graham creates a storm of controversy involving an endangered red squirrel and an Indian tribe's desire to protect the mountain as a sacred place.

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    Lettie Hellman

    Delta County resident Lettie Hellman is a proponent of prisons for economic growth and other reasons.

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    A small mountain town shows prisons can be good neighbors

    The prisons in Colorado's Fremont County have brought more benefits than problems, many claim.

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    Crime is big business, on both sides of the law

    Prisons are a major growth industry in the rural West.

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