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    My God! Healthy trees!

    Extension foresters in Idaho help the sisters of St. Gertrude's Monastery manage their forests in a way that balances economics with ecology and spirituality.

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    Taking a stand for New Mexico's small farmers

    In his own words, extension agent Edmund Gomez describes how the Rural Agriculture Improvement Project seeks to help New Mexico's poor farmers.

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    Helping a busted mining town back to its feet

    Extension agent Barb Andreozzi offers creative ideas and practical assistance to help Anaconda, Mont., prosper again.

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    Talking ranching through its bleakest hour

    Hudson Glimp of the University of Nevada's College of Agriculture seeks to create "sustainable agreement" in public-lands grazing.

  • Feature

    Playing politics or helping the range?

    New Mexico State's Range Improvement Task Force has often been accused of being a front for the livestock industry.

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    What is cooperative extension?

    Description of what the West's extension agents do.

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    What does the West need to know?

    In a changing West, the land-grant universities' cooperative extension programs must rethink their mission.

  • News

    Leaving room for cows and horses

    Oakley, Utah adopts a development code with a "right to farm provision" in an attempt to preserve its rural way of life.

  • Book Reviews

    Small town design

    A report, "Managing Change in Rural Communities," is reviewed.

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    $400,000 buys property - and a vote

    The new resort town of Mountain Village, Colo., employs questionable legal tactics to allow non-resident property owners to vote while seasonal workers cannot.

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    Ski workers look for a home

    If the Adam's Rib ski resort is built, western Colorado's already displaced workers will have to commute even farther to find a place to live.

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    Jury convicts a grave robber

    Oregon resident Jack Lee Harelson is found guilty of looting an Indian burial cave in Nevada, and pothunter Earl Shumway is sentenced in Utah to six-and-one-half years.

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    Facts take a beating on the range

    New Mexico State's Range Improvement Task Force issues a press release saying the Diamond Bar allotment is not overgrazed, and environmentalists and scientist critics cry "pseudoscience."

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    Catron County wins in court, loses on the ground

    Catron County, N.M.'s land ordinances survive an environmental lawsuit, but fail to be enforced on the ground.

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    The thing about the West is that every jerk is figuring out how to rip up the landscape, and the laws in the West let him

    In his own words, an anonymous retired East Coast businessman explains his disillusionment with the West and his decision not to buy property there.

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