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    The West may not be literary, but it's littered with reading matter

    A cross-country bicycle trip through the West reveals quirky and sometimes enigmatic road signs everywhere.

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    Bad blood over good sheep

    Lyle McNeal, founder of Utah State University's Navajo Sheep Project, comes to a crisis with the university and files suit against it over the future of his project to save the Churro sheep.

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    The West that was, and the West that can be

    A close look at the history of the West reveals that human beings have meddled with and sometimes changed the landscape for as long as they have lived on the continent.

  • Book Reviews

    Riches and Regrets

    Patricia Stokowski's book, "Riches and Regrets: Betting on Gambling in Two Colorado Mountain Towns," explores how casino gambling brought money but destroyed community in Central City, Colo., and Black Hawk, Colo.

  • Book Reviews

    The Bear Essential

    The free magazine, "The Bear Essential," is holding its first annual Edward Abbey short fiction contest, deadline Sept. 2.

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    Petroglyphs and pavement collide

    N.M. Sen. Pete Domenici and Indian leaders are in a stand-off over road building in Petroglyph National Monument.

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    A lot is at stake in Supreme Court case

    Bernardine Suitum, 80, sues Tahoe Regional Planning Agency over her desire to develop a lot she owns in Incline Village, Nev.

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    Taxing the wrong side of the tracks

    Wyoming's peculiar tax system means that the poorest families help carry the wealthier mineral industries.

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    Sensory deprivation on the High Plains

    An Appalachian transplant seeks community in Wyoming coal towns Gillette and Wright.

  • Related Stories

    A Wyoming coal town comes of age

    The coal mining town of Wright, Wyo., braces for another boom.

  • Related Stories

    Wyoming is "open for business'

    A timeline demonstrates the ebb and flow of Wyoming's promotional schemes and dreams for development.

  • Feature

    While the New West booms, Wyoming mines, drills ... and languishes

    The state of Wyoming remains stuck in the Old West and trapped by its myths and boom-and-bust cycles, while outside its boundaries the New West comes to life.

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    Did ranchers fire a university president?

    The firing of New Mexico State University President J. Michael Orenduff may have been at the behest of ranching interests.

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    Lessons from a rampaging river

    The flood and fire that hit Grand Forks, N.D., when the Red River rose, raise a hard question: Why must communities face catastrophe before people come together as a "we"?

  • Book Reviews

    Rising From Tradition

    The work of nine Native American artists from Idaho, Oregon and Washington will be on display at the High Desert Museum, titled "Rising From Tradition: Contemporary Native Art from the Plateau."

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