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    Lonely Art

    An unusual, anonymous art exhibit decorates the old White Buffalo Bar in the decaying town of Cisco, Utah.

  • Book Reviews

    A family preserves the West

    The Anasazi Heritage Center in Dolores, Colo., displays the century-old photos and records kept by pioneer, amateur archaeologist Tom Wetherill and his family.

  • Book Reviews

    Bringing a ghost town to life

    The Grafton Heritage Partnership Project seeks to preserve and restore the 139-year-old ghost town of Grafton, Utah.

  • News

    Ranchers fight a railroad

    Ranchers in southwestern South Dakota and northeastern Wyoming vow to fight a planned railroad extension by the Dakota, Minnesota and Eastern.

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    Smart Growth

    Smart Growth Regional Partnerships gives grants of up to $75,000 to towns and counties in Colorado to help address growth-related issues.

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    Judge gives grave-robbers a green light

    In Utah, a court rules that state law does not protect Anasazi graves, dismissing charges against a Blanding couple who dug up an Indian burial site while pot hunting.

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    Surrounded by dogs, bikers, developers

    Rifle, Colo., rancher Jim Snyder has seen statistics become visible on his own land as the area grows and the economy changes.

  • Feature

    An era ends: old industries face reality

    Rifle, Colo., offers an example of how Western communities formerly dependent on extractive industries must find a way to adapt to changing socio-economics as the old industries decline.

  • Feature

    The old West is going under

    An introduction to HCN's special issue says that the old extractive West is on its deathbed.

  • Essays

    Wyoming: The last tough place

    A Wyoming man celebrates the difficulty of living in his wild, lonely, poor, unsophisticated state - the "last good place left."

  • News

    A road to ruins?

    New Mexico Sen. Pete Domenici is trying to push a controversial six-lane highway through Albuquerque's Petroglyph National Monument.

  • Book Reviews

    The Four Corners celebrated in photos

    Photographer Bruce Hucko's exhibit "Images from an Untamed Land" celebrates the Four Corners region.

  • Book Reviews

    20 years with the Arapaho

    Photographer Sara Wiles exhibits 20 years of powerful photographs of Wyoming's Arapaho people.

  • News

    The New West spawns a new kind of range war

    A "sheep war" in a Colorado subdivision where neighbors are battling over the eight sheep one family owns, shows two dreams of the West in collision, with a lot of legal fireworks.

  • Essays

    Idaho stubbornly remains what America used to be

    The strange dysfunctional state of Idaho - with its neo-Nazis and child abuse and stubborn isolation from the rest of America - leads the writer to leave the state after 15 years.

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