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    Citizens tame growth - their way

    In Montana's Park County, locals worried about runaway growth create the West Boulder Zoning District, despite some landowners' accusations of "land-use dictatorship."

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    Oregon statistics

    Statistics about Oregon, including per capita income, unemployment rate, estimated number of salmon in the northern coastal range, etc.

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    A tale of two - or three - Oregons

    There are vast differences between the two faces of Oregon, its rural and urban, coastal and inland cultures and economics.

  • Essays

    A lifetime of service on the North Dakota plains

    A slideshow on Joe Sorkness's 97th birthday recalls his hard and dedicated life as a country doctor in North Dakota.

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    When government gets in growth's way

    Idaho environmentalist Gary Richardson fights a difficult battle from his seat on the county highway board, where he seeks to contain Boise's growth and work for alternative transportation.

  • Book Reviews

    Zero Circles

    Daniel Dancer's photographs in the "Zero Circles Project" seek to inspire viewers to save the West's great forests from logging.

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    Nevada on the move

    Statistics of growth in Nevada

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    Beyond sagebrush politics: A prospering megalopolis steers Nevada

    Nevada is the fastest-growing state and its politics reflect a lively, complex reality.

  • Book Reviews

    Forget the theories, and instead look at people's faces

    An excerpt from Charles Bowden's book, "Juarez: The Laboratory of Our Future," argues that the terrible poverty, crime and injustice in the border city of Juarez is a vision we cannot ignore.

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    Gateways to good growth

    The book, "Balancing Nature and Commerce in Gateway Communities," by Jim Howe, Ed McMahon and Luther Propst is reviewed.

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    A polygamist of place: The tradition of the Eastern Westerner

    A writer is torn between his love and loyalty for two very different landscapes - the East Coast's Cape Cod and the mountains of Colorado.

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    In the flatter parts of Montana, some ranchers fence out subdivisions

    Rancher Jerry Townsend, concerned about growth elsewhere in Montana, puts almost all of his 2,500-acre ranch into a conservation easement, with the help of the Montana Land Reliance.

  • Feature

    We are shaped by the sound of wind, the slant of sunlight

    In the leading article of this essay issue, a writer says that nature writing is about much more than nature - it is about community, morality, character and hope as well.

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    A run at sustainable development

    Environmental activist and entrepreneur Michael "Buffalo" Mazzetti is marketing bottled water from Washington's Buckhorn Mtn. to prove that the mountain has economic value without being the site of a gold mine.

  • Book Reviews

    You can eat the scenery

    The Wilderness Society issues a report, "The New Challenge: People, Commerce and the Environment in the Yellowstone to Yukon Region."

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