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    Desert sprawl

    In Tucson, Ariz., where a dozen acres are cleared for development each day, environmentalists and concerned locals try to find ways to rein in runaway growth, and to save the desert and its remaining endangered cactus ferruginous pygmy owls.

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    Boating in the bathtub

    Artist and boater Ellen Tibbetts creates a delightful excursion into the imagination of a Grand Canyon river rat.

  • Book Reviews

    Women pioneers

    "Women Pioneers for the Environment" by Mary Joy Breton offers 42 inspirational profiles.

  • Book Reviews

    A paradise resettled and a community lost

    "Old Fences, New Neighbors" by Peter R. Decker, looks at the author's home of Ridgway, Colo., as a community in rapid transition.

  • News

    Women want the railroad to back off

    A new group called WARR: Women/Wives Against the Railroad is fighting to protect railroad employees who are overworked and exploited by the Union Pacific.

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    Newcomers battle over river resort

    One-time rock musician Robbie Levin plans to build a destination resort at his Sorrel River Ranch near Moab, Utah, and many locals are angry and frustrated in their efforts to stop him.

  • Essays

    It's a good day to be indigenous

    Speculations that 9,300-year-old human remains found near Kennewick, Wash., have "European features" lead to tongue-in-cheek ruminations over writer's new status as descendant of "indigenous" people.

  • Essays

    Hate is not a rural value

    In Laramie, Wyo., a homecoming parade becomes an impromptu protest march and memorial, as residents of the small Western city try to come to terms with the brutal beating of gay student Matt Shepard.

  • Book Reviews

    Endangered Mexico

    The book, "Endangered Mexico: An Environment on the Edge" by Joel Simon, explores the threats to Mexico's environment.

  • Book Reviews

    Spotted owls vs. jobs?

    University of Wisconsin sociologist Bill Freudenburg says that, contrary to popular belief, employment has actually increased since environmental regulations came in.

  • News

    Subdivisions loom over the Sawtooths

    Idaho rancher Bob Piva says he will subdivide and sell his 160 acres in the Stanley Basin, unless the Forest Service - which has been trying to protect the Sawtooth National Recreation Area from development - meets his asking price.

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    Even in the remote West, growth happens

    Tiny, isolated Stehekin, Wash., a village surrounded by parks and wilderness and reachable only by ferry, has been discovered by a developer who wants to build vacation homes and condominiums.

  • Book Reviews

    A new look at old pictures

    An exhibit gathers photographs that Mabel Souther, a ranch manager's wife, took a hundred years ago on the Big Red Ranch in northeastern Wyoming.

  • Book Reviews

    Look who's sprawling now

    The Sierra Club's report, "The Dark Side of the American Dream: The Costs and Consequences of Suburban Sprawl," neglected to cover many sprawling Western cities, such as Salt Lake City.

  • News

    Building a $100 million paradise in Montana's Paradise Valley

    Plans for building the Buffalo Ranch development - one of Montana's "most exclusive and expensive subdivisions" - have many Paradise Valley residents worried.

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