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    Boating in the bathtub

    Artist and boater Ellen Tibbetts creates a delightful excursion into the imagination of a Grand Canyon river rat.

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    Women pioneers

    "Women Pioneers for the Environment" by Mary Joy Breton offers 42 inspirational profiles.

  • Book Reviews

    A paradise resettled and a community lost

    "Old Fences, New Neighbors" by Peter R. Decker, looks at the author's home of Ridgway, Colo., as a community in rapid transition.

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    Women want the railroad to back off

    A new group called WARR: Women/Wives Against the Railroad is fighting to protect railroad employees who are overworked and exploited by the Union Pacific.

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    Newcomers battle over river resort

    One-time rock musician Robbie Levin plans to build a destination resort at his Sorrel River Ranch near Moab, Utah, and many locals are angry and frustrated in their efforts to stop him.

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    It's a good day to be indigenous

    Speculations that 9,300-year-old human remains found near Kennewick, Wash., have "European features" lead to tongue-in-cheek ruminations over writer's new status as descendant of "indigenous" people.

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    Hate is not a rural value

    In Laramie, Wyo., a homecoming parade becomes an impromptu protest march and memorial, as residents of the small Western city try to come to terms with the brutal beating of gay student Matt Shepard.

  • Book Reviews

    Endangered Mexico

    The book, "Endangered Mexico: An Environment on the Edge" by Joel Simon, explores the threats to Mexico's environment.

  • Book Reviews

    Spotted owls vs. jobs?

    University of Wisconsin sociologist Bill Freudenburg says that, contrary to popular belief, employment has actually increased since environmental regulations came in.

  • News

    Subdivisions loom over the Sawtooths

    Idaho rancher Bob Piva says he will subdivide and sell his 160 acres in the Stanley Basin, unless the Forest Service - which has been trying to protect the Sawtooth National Recreation Area from development - meets his asking price.

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    Even in the remote West, growth happens

    Tiny, isolated Stehekin, Wash., a village surrounded by parks and wilderness and reachable only by ferry, has been discovered by a developer who wants to build vacation homes and condominiums.

  • Book Reviews

    A new look at old pictures

    An exhibit gathers photographs that Mabel Souther, a ranch manager's wife, took a hundred years ago on the Big Red Ranch in northeastern Wyoming.

  • Book Reviews

    Look who's sprawling now

    The Sierra Club's report, "The Dark Side of the American Dream: The Costs and Consequences of Suburban Sprawl," neglected to cover many sprawling Western cities, such as Salt Lake City.

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    Building a $100 million paradise in Montana's Paradise Valley

    Plans for building the Buffalo Ranch development - one of Montana's "most exclusive and expensive subdivisions" - have many Paradise Valley residents worried.

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    Citizens tame growth - their way

    In Montana's Park County, locals worried about runaway growth create the West Boulder Zoning District, despite some landowners' accusations of "land-use dictatorship."

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