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    Who loses when a city neighborhood goes upscale?

    Longtime residents of Alberta Street and other neighborhoods in Northeast Portland, Ore., have survived poverty and drive-by shootings and now face a new challenge in the growing gentrification of the area.

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    Inspired by Cesar Chavez

    Farm worker advocate Maria Gonzales Mabbutt credits United Farm Workers' founder Cesar Chavez with inspiring her to help her people in Southern Idaho's Canyon County.

  • Feature

    Out of the fields: South Idaho's Hispanics create a community

    In Caldwell, Idaho, and other towns in southern Idaho, a growing Hispanic community is breaking old migrant-worker stereotypes and showing new economic and educational strength.

  • Feature

    The new faces of the West

    The series "The Hidden West" is High Country News' look at communities that are on the edge and often uncertain of their future.

  • Book Reviews

    Seeking justice for all on the Colorado Plateau

    Charles Wilkinson's new book, "Fire on the Plateau: Conflict and Endurance in the American Southwest," is a tribute to the land and people of the Colorado Plateau, especially the Native American inhabitants.

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    'Over the River' not yet through the woods

    Controversy is rising over plans by artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude to suspend translucent fabric over four to six miles of the Arkansas River between Caûon City and Salida, Colo.

  • Book Reviews

    Free market solutions to environmental problems

    The Political Economy Research Center offers fellowships in free market solutions to environmental problems.

  • Book Reviews

    Can poverty protect the last, best place?

    A report called "Montana: People and the Economy" takes a fatalistic view of the harsh economic facts in the state.

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    Cattlemen make use of a conservation tool

    The Colorado Cattlemen's Agricultural Land Trust is helping ranchers such as Brett Redden of Gunnison use conservation easements to save their land from developers.

  • Feature

    Dreaming the prairie back to life

    Gary Greff hopes to turn his small town, Regent, N.D., into a tourist mecca through the "Enchanted Highway," a series of giant metal sculptures he is erecting along the 30-mile road that links Regent to the interstate.

  • Book Reviews

    Tragedy on the border

    At least 200 young women have been murdered in Ciudad Juarez while on their way home from low-paying jobs at U.S.-owned factories on the Mexican side of the border.

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    A park all their own

    In Arizona, two businessmen plan to turn the former Paulsell Ranch, an archaeologically rich site bordering Petrified Forest National Park, into a privately owned park they are calling the International Petrified Forest.

  • Essays

    Walking the path between light and dark

    Physical anthropologist Christy Turner's controversial theories that the Anasazi practiced cannibalism leave the writer pondering the balance of good and evil that existed in the no-longer idealized past as well as in the present.

  • Book Reviews

    Recreation doesn't cut it

    A study of Clark County, Idaho, shows that tourism may not be enough to keep suffering rural economies afloat when timber and mining industries pull out of an area.

  • Book Reviews

    Not just sheepherders

    Nancy Zubiri's book, "A Travel Guide to Basque America - families, feasts and festivals," is a passionate and well-researched guide to Basque culture in the Great Basin area.

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