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    Holy water

    A pastoral letter being prepared by the Catholic bishops of the Northwest calls Catholics and others to a new environmental, economic and spiritual relationship with a sacred river - the Columbia.

  • Book Reviews

    After Lewis and Clark: Explorer Artists and the American West

    The journals and paintings of four artists who explores the West after Lewis and Clark will be featured in Idaho.

  • Book Reviews

    Environmental education takes a ride

    Mike Kahn is riding his bike from California to Maine, and using his laptop computer along the way to educate children about the natural world that he sees on his journey.

  • Related Stories

    The makings of a meth lab

    Mike LaScoula, the Spokane County Health District's chemical and physical hazards advisor, describes the toxic hazards created when a house is turned into an illegal methamphetamine lab.

  • Related Stories

    'There's not much to do out there'

    In his own words, Erec Hopkins describes how he started injecting - and selling - methamphetamines.

  • Feature

    Meth invasion

    As methamphetamine moves into the small, isolated towns of the rural West, the waste left by its manufacture pollutes the environment while the drug's abuse and the traffic in it strain the resources of local law enforcement and social services.

  • Book Reviews

    Saving some of Utah

    A coalition of environmentalists has raised the money to protect a historic ranch in Utah's Wasatch Mountains from the sprawling development of nearby Park City.

  • Heard Around the West

    Heard around the West

    Rainbow gathering in Dillon, Mont.; people throw things at Ag Secretary Dan Glickman; PETA vs. dairy in Midwest high schools; rafting rescues in Grand Canyon; Texas has an "official" SUV; Milford High School in Utah vs. 16-year-old disgruntled student.

  • News

    Red Mountain tries to hang on to history

    In Colorado's San Juan Mountains, locals are trying to preserve a historic ghost town, Ironton, from development.

  • Book Reviews

    'A natural calamity'

    "Mount St. Helens: The Eruption and Recovery of a Volcano" by Rob Carson paints a compelling picture in words and photos of the 1980 eruption and its consequences.

  • Book Reviews

    Painting the prairie

    "Crowded Prairie: Four Painters" presents the work of Chuck Forsman, Karen Kitchel, John Hull and James Lancel McElhinney in an exhibit at the Ucross Foundation Art Gallery.

  • Book Reviews

    Shakespeare in Montana

    Montana State University's Shakespeare in the Park program brings plays to little towns across the state.

  • Essays

    Why I ride the bus

    The writer describes the wonderful, fascinating, unique people one can encounter if one gets out of the automobile and shares the bus with others.

  • Book Reviews

    We can do it ourselves

    "Living on the Earth" by Alicia Bay Laurel, a counterculture handbook for back-to-the-landers, is back in print 30 years after it first appeared.

  • Book Reviews

    Telluride's MountainFilm

    The Telluride MountainFilm Festival, set for Memorial Day weekend, celebrates the outdoors in a compelling variety of ways through filmmaking.

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