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    Settlement reached in Tahoe takings case

    The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency is ordered to pay Bernardine Suitum $600,000 for blocking her plans to build an A-frame house on her property by Lake Tahoe.

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    Greens not welcome in Escalante

    Newcomers Patrick Diehl and Tori Woodward say they are being persecuted by some longtime Escalante, Utah, residents, because they are environmentalists who oppose construction of the New Wide Hollow Reservoir.

  • Essays

    When you're alone on the open road

    A writer remembers long drives on Wyoming highways and laments the fact that fire destroyed the cafe at Mule Creek Junction, which often served as an oasis, especially in a winter blizzard.

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    Why I'm a poor writer

    A freelance writer laments his poverty and the lack of respect Western writers get in those New York magazines.

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    Enough nature writing already!

    A former nature writer says that there needs to be moratorium on all new "nature writers'" books.

  • Feature

    My beautiful ranchette

    A ranchette owner defends her home and lifestyle in a subdivision near Bozeman, Montana.

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    In Montana: The view from the ranchette

    From his own little ranchette in the beleaguered but beautiful Bitterroot Valley, a Western historian considers Montana's long history of being panicked about growth.

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    Nostalgic for the Pleistocene

    The lively scholarly essays collected in "Coming Home to the Pleistocene," by the late Paul Shepard, discuss "human ecology" - the study of human nature and human needs as formed by our evolution alongside wild animals.

  • Essays

    Saint Contrary: John Wesley Powell

    John Wesley Powell, who was a Civil War hero, scientist and geographer, as well as the explorer who first rafted the length of the Colorado River, could be the West's unofficial patron saint, a flawed and human saint whose ideas still challenge us today.

  • Book Reviews

    Nothing is everything

    "Travelers in an Antique Land" pairs poetry by William Studebaker with photographs by Russell Hepworth.

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    Cantankerous and contradictory: Remembering Ed Abbey

    Ten years after Ed Abbey's death, a Moab writer remembers the man as complex and cantankerous - an "honest hero," with a sense of humor and a fierce love for the canyon country he so often wrote about.

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    Bison ranch in the balance

    A bison ranch described as a "biological hotspot" that lies next to the Grand Sand Dunes National Monument in Colorado could be sold to developers if The Nature Conservancy can't come up with the money to buy it.

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    Outdoor schools get squeezed

    Two outdoor schools in Colorado's Summit County - Keystone Science School and Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center - are feeling squeezed out by the burgeoning real estate development around them.

  • Book Reviews

    Green versus gold

    "Green Versus Gold: Sources in California's Environmental History," edited by Carolyn Merchant, is a useful history that activists will find inspirational.

  • Book Reviews

    Just go away

    Craig Denton's "People of the West Desert" uses words and photographs to document the quirky, stubborn people of the West Desert of eastern Nevada and western Utah - one of the West's emptiest landscapes.

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