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    'We didn't even know what a land trust was'

    Rondal Snodgrass of Sanctuary Forest describes how his land trust group has saved old growth in Northern California.

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    A land-trust toolbox

    A glossary defines some of the real estate-style concepts behind land trust deals.

  • Feature

    Acre by acre

    The land trust movement is bigger than the earliest groups imagined, but the challenge the 250 Western groups face is even bigger, as development swallows the last open space.

  • Book Reviews

    Shaping the Sierra

    In "Shaping the Sierra: Nature, Culture and Conflict in the Changing West," Timothy P. Duane discusses how growth has hit California's Sierra Nevada.

  • Feature

    Searching for pasture

    Lyle McNeal revived the Churro sheep, a dying breed, and helped the Navajos who once depended on them, but now the professor is locked in a bitter battle over the sheep and other issues with Utah State University, which once supported the project.

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    Silverton Avalanche School

    Two levels of training are available at the Silverton Avalanche School.

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    Fund remembers student of science

    The Matt Clow Endowment, created by Clow's parents in memory of their son, will support the fisheries research of a Montana State University graduate student.

  • Uncommon Westerners

    All you can eat at Pueblito del Paiz

    In the western Colorado town of Olathe, Ted Medina's Pueblito del Paiz serves as boarding house, dining hall and occasionally tense meeting ground for the Mexican and Indian workers who labor in the area's farm fields.

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    Treasure Valley's housing not so golden

    A report in the Idaho Press-Tribune documents the trouble Latinos have getting home mortgages in southwest Idaho's Treasure Valley.

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    Photographer Celia Roberts' bilingual Year 2000 calendar "Gracias" celebrates the Latino migrant workers who harvest western Colorado's fields.

  • News

    An upscale development divides a town

    In western Idaho, locals are at odds over the proposed "WestRock Resort at Lake Cascade."

  • News

    New resort in the San Juans?

    Local activists led by 77-year-old Betty Feazel plan to fight a proposed resort in the San Juan Mountains near Pagosa Springs, Colo.

  • Book Reviews

    Proulx shoots holes in mythic Wyoming

    Annie Proulx's new book, "Close Range: Wyoming Stories," has displeased some Wyoming residents by its gritty, unflattering look at what lies under the surface of the cowboy mythology of the state.

  • Book Reviews

    Hard times in rural Idaho

    The report "Profile of Rural Idaho" reflects a "two-Idaho" phenomenon, where the economic gulf is widening, especially in poor rural areas.

  • Essays

    Coming home to the country

    When a couple of Eastern academics bought a ranch near Ekalaka, Mont., and tried raising llamas, then bison, they faced a clash of cultures as they and their ranching neighbors tried to come to terms with each other.

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