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    Illegal immigrants take jobs from Americans

    A native-born New Mexico Hispanic points out that opposition to immigration is not necessarily racist, and says that immigration problems must be dealt with.

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    Sanctuary movement revives

    Alexis Claire, who owns a travel agency in Bisbee, Ariz., is part of a revival of the "Sanctuary Movement,' trying to help today's economic refugees as she helped refugees from Central America 10 years ago.

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    A sympathetic landowner

    In Douglas, Ariz., rancher and consultant Jerry Bohmfalk is considering a lawsuit against the Border Patrol, which he believes makes matters worse by pursuing "economic refugees."

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    Border lures the young

    In Agua Prieta, Mexico, a group of young men discuss their experiences crossing the border.

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    The hunters and the hunted

    As illegal immigration from Mexico increases, more people risk their lives crossing the desert into Arizona, while government agencies, anti-immigration vigilantes and human rights activists argue over how to handle the influx.

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    Truth-telling needs a home in the West

    Historic markers on a Western road trip raise questions about the way Westerners have often romanticized, concealed and lied about their history.

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    Taos Art Association

    Forty acres of piûon-juniper meadow is being raffled off to raise money to reopen the association's community auditorium.

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    'Snooty' garages banned

    Portland, Ore., bans oversized, street-facing garages on new houses.

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    Does the "death tax' protect open space?

    Some say the Republican push to repeal estate taxes could impact land-preservation measures such as easements, since some of the wealth affected by the tax is land, not money.

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    Looters beware: Tribes are fighting back

    In the Pacific Northwest, tribes are working with archaeologists and agencies to protect the area's frequently vandalized and looted Native American historical sites.

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    The Wilderness Awareness School

    Animal tracking, storytelling and more are taught at the Wilderness Awareness School in Duvall, Wash.

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    New developer thinks big

    Kennecott Utah Copper Corp. is proposing to build "Sunrise," a brand-new town on company-owned land in the Salt Lake Valley near South Jordan, Utah.

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    Ski town workers find homes in the hills

    Unable to afford skyrocketing rents, a growing number of Telluride, Colo., workers live illegally on Forest Service land.

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    On the path to a greener church

    Spokane Bishop William Skylstad brings his rural and environmental background to the task of heading the steering committee on the Northwestern bishops' pastoral letter.

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    Excerpts from the pastoral letter draft

    Excerpts from the draft of the pastoral letter speak of the need for a new Catholic environmental ethic that respects Native peoples, wildlife, water and the land in the Northwest.

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