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    Dressed for success

    Disparate worlds collide in the second-hand clothing stores the writer buys her wardrobe from.

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    Feds will re-examine rail service in the West

    The federal agency that approved the merger of the Union Pacific and Southern Pacific railroads may reconsider its decision in the face of economic and industrial troubles caused by railroad gridlock and inefficiency.

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    Can a ski town survive its moment of glory?

    Once a funky former mining town, Park City is now a booming ski resort and bedroom community, and some locals worry that the Olympics will only make things worse.

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    The games should belong to the people

    In his own words, John Cushing, mayor of Bountiful, discusses his dissatisfaction with the Salt Lake City Organizing Committee and his doubts about the Olympics.

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    Colorado refused to play

    In 1972, Colorado became the first city ever to win the right to host the Olympics only to change its mind and slam the door on them.

  • Feature

    Does Utah know what's coming?

    Salt Lake City has succeeded in its long, controversial bid to host the Winter Olympics - but now that the Games are only four years away, many Utahns are having second thoughts about them - and the city's already rampant growth.

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    Olympic onslaught: Salt Lake City braces for the winter games

    An introduction to the issue points out that Salt Lake City's intense and seemingly uncontrolled growth actually stems from deliberately planning - both to develop the city and to prepare for the Olympics.

  • Book Reviews

    Tribes and a university improve ties

    Washington State University sets up an advisory board to cooperate on education and research issues with 10 Northwestern tribes.

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    A conservation first for Arizona

    The San Rafael Ranch in southern Arizona will be preserved through a conservation easement funded by State Heritage Fund money.

  • Book Reviews

    From orchards to Philadelphia

    The "Baseline Scenario" study warns that Utahns in the growing Salt Lake City area need to start managing growth now.

  • Essays

    The bison are coming

    Ten years later, Frank and Deborah Popper review their controversial proposal for a Buffalo Commons, and find that many of their predictions are coming true.

  • Book Reviews

    A Better West?

    "The Next West: Public Lands, Community and Economy in the American West," edited by John Baden and Donald Snow, is reviewed.

  • Essays

    Iconoclast to the end: A New West son regards his father

    A conservationist muses on how his father, an Iranian-born obstetrician in the Appalachian Mountains, gave him the gift of the Clearwater River in the wilderness of Idaho.

  • Essays

    We have no elders, we have no leaders

    A wildlands- and buffalo-loving activist writes passionately about restoring the Great Plains in a Buffalo Commons.

  • Book Reviews

    Use this book to get under the West's skin

    "Atlas of the New West" explores a rapidly changing place with maps and thoughtful essays, and it can also direct you to a rodeo, or to the nearest copy of The New York Times.

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