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    Grab your place in paradise

    In Montana, the Church Universal and Triumphant decides to sell 3,000 acres of the Paradise Valley.

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    Crash kills a conservation deal

    A conservation easement planned to preserve the Bob Sharp ranch in Arizona's San Rafael Valley from development falls through when the ranch family decides to put their land up for sale.

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    The high end of home economics: Aspen's trophy home phenomenon

    The cost of a lot in Aspen, Colo., especially with a trophy home sitting on it, has become astronomical in a resort rated the richest city in the country.

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    An American dream gets evicted

    When 39 families are evicted from their Edwards, Colo., trailer park to make way for a luxury condo development, it's a sign that property is more important than community.

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    The trailer evolves

    A timeline tracks the evolution of the not-always-mobile mobile home.

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    Living out the trailer dream

    One in six Westerners now lives in a trailer, but this traditionally affordable housing can become an expensive trap, as tougher zoning pushes trailers into crowded parks with ever-increasing rents and regulations.

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    Restoration Days

    The Mono Lake Committee celebrates its 20th anniversary over Labor Day, Sept. 4-7.

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    Ghostly fish swim in Idaho

    Artist Gregg Schlanger's temporary exhibit at Redfish Lake, Idaho - "Sockeye Waters, Sockeye Dreams" - draws attention to the plight of native salmon.

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    Tucson acts to stall sprawl

    As Tucson, Ariz., grows and sprawls, Pima County creates a long-range plan to protect the Sonoran Desert from being overrun.

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    A banker battles to hold the government accountable

    Browning, Mont., banker Elouise Cobell uncovers a huge financial mess involving billions of dollars of tribal money somehow misplaced by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

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    Mexican subculture grows beneath Colorado's mountains

    The many Latino immigrants who work in Aspen, Colo., try to keep their own culture alive behind the scenes of the high-end resort town.

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    Colorado curmudgeon defends the rural West

    Newspaper columnist Ed Quillen's new book, "Deep in the Heart of the Rockies," is a hefty helping of some of Quillen's "ravings" in defense of the real Colorado.

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    A mountain town locks out gated communities

    Developer Jim Mehen's plans to build a gated "golf community" raise fierce opposition among Flagstaff environmentalists who say the 300 luxury homes and golf course would harm wetlands and divide the booming city on economic lines.

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    Leeches and cod liver oil

    An exhibit at the High Desert Museum in Bend, Ore., showcases early medicine in the old West.

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    Aspen Center for Environmental Studies

    A summer of naturalist-guided programs for kids is sponsored by the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies.

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