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  • Book Reviews

    An industry booster becomes a supporter of Western land

    Alvin Josephy's memoir, "A Walk Toward Oregon," describes his journey from "Time" journalist to Western historian and environmentalist.

  • Book Reviews

    Tax-averse Wyoming hurts itself

    The Equality State Policy Center, a nonprofit public-policy group, says taxes are an overlooked source of revenue and offers suggestions in its report, "Putting Together the Pieces... Wyoming's Budget Crisis."

  • Book Reviews

    Oh, give me a home...

    A new documentary, "Subdivide and Conquer: The New West," takes a sobering look at the rapid development and sprawling subdivisions in the West.

  • Essays

    Shadows out West

    "Maria," an illegal immigrant, is only one among the many thousands whose work keeps the West going, even as the workers live in fear of deportation.

  • News

    A new town hits the skids

    After a 14-hour hearing packed with anti-growth activists, Garfield County Commissioners vote down Sanders Ranch, a huge development that would create a new town between Glenwood Springs and Carbondale.

  • Uncommon Westerners

    Tom Watkins has left us, but his Western dream remains

    T.H. Watkins is remembered as "a writer and teacher and concerned citizen and father and husband and consummate agitator" whose literature and life revealed a deep love for the West.

  • Book Reviews

    Impressions of Nature, an Internet photography exhibit and auction

    American Land Conservancy presents an Internet art show on-line, March 3-31.

  • News

    A prof takes on the sacred cow

    At the University of Wyoming, Prof. Debra Donahue's book, "The Western Range Revisited," with its criticism of grazing, has provoked fury among ranchers and raised questions about academic freedom.

  • Related Stories

    'We still have a ways to go'

    Colette Kostelec of the Jefferson Land Trust talks about trying to save land on the Olympic Peninsula near Port Townsend, Wash.

  • Related Stories

    Burgers bolster Colorado open space

    The Yampa Valley Beef Corp. seeks to protect land near Steamboat Springs, Colo., by selling locally raised beef in the area.

  • Related Stories

    'The growth wasn't organic'

    Wendy Fisher of Utah Open Lands talks about how her land trust group began in booming Park City.

  • Related Stories

    'We have a stake in the place'

    Wendy Ninteman of the Five Valleys Land Trust in Missoula, Mont., talks about the experience of her land trust.

  • Related Stories

    'Our first focus is the landowner'

    Lynne Sherrod of the Colo. Cattlemen's Agricultural Land Trust talks about how ranchers save open space. Rancher Jay Fetcher came up with the idea of a cattleman's land trust when his family began to look for ways to preserve their Yampa Valley lands.

  • Related Stories

    'We need a whole paradigm shift'

    Carla of the McDowell-Sonora Land Trust describes how her group tries to save land near Scottsdale, Ariz.

  • Related Stories

    'We didn't even know what a land trust was'

    Rondal Snodgrass of Sanctuary Forest describes how his land trust group has saved old growth in Northern California.

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