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Climate & Pollution

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    Floods fade, fires feared

    Current floods don't signal an end to the West's drought.

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    How L-P soiled the air and itself

    Louisiana-Pacific is fined $11.1 million for violating the Clean Air Act.

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    The Northwest turns wet again

    The Northwest emerges from a severe drought.

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    Disastrous deluge

    A flood sweeps mine tailings into Arizona's Gila River.

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    Don't breathe the carpet

    A lab's tests show that carpet samples are hazardous to mice.

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    Drought in the Northwest hurts salmon, power

    Diminished reservoirs slow salmon migration and hike power prices in the Pacific Northwest.

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    Burning bill

    Montana can no longer burn hazardous waste near sensitive areas.

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    Bottles up

    Coors Brewing Co. will recycle glass from its recycling center in Colorado.

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    Words into chairs

    Earth Partners wants to turn old newspapers into fiberboard at a Nevada plant.

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    West Drinks deeply of winter storms

    Long droughts end in western states.

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    Storms sweep West

    The National Weather Service reports that precipitation is above normal in Utah and Arizona.

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    Colorado mining industry strikes again

    According to th EPA, bonds from the Summitville Consolidated Mining Co. don't cover hazardous waste cleanup costs.

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