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Climate & Pollution

  • Writers on the Range

    Topsy turvy weather may be a sign of worse to come

    The writer goes camping and finds topsy turvy weather

  • Writers on the Range

    Seattle’s mayor leads the nation on global warming

    The writer says Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels is modest but also fierce when it comes to combating global warming

  • Writers on the Range

    Buying used gets him enthused

    The writer hunts for recycled bargains and revels in the chase

  • Writers on the Range

    Why should the Arctic Refuge matter to the ski industry?

    The writer, who runs the Aspen Skiing Company, worries about global climate change — a lot

  • Writers on the Range

    Spring comes grudgingly to Wyoming’s high desert

    The writer sees signs of spring as it grudgingly comes to Wyoming

  • Editor's Note

    On the trail of global warming

    This winter’s weird weather has everybody talking, but nobody wants to tackle the big question: Is global warming finally hitting the West?

  • Feature

    What happened to winter?

    An unusual winter sends ripples through the West's water and wildlife systems, and leaves scientists wondering whether global warming is the cause.

  • Writers on the Range


    The writer welcomes the end of a claustrophobic winter outside of Boise, Idaho

  • Writers on the Range

    The secret of Wyoming winters is the snow-eating chinook

    The writer explains what makes Wyoming winters different

  • Writers on the Range

    Where did the Northwest’s moisture go?

    The writer is used to anything but an unseasonably dry Northwest

  • News

    California's farmers ditch dirty diesel pumps

    California’s two largest utility companies are encouraging farmers to switch from polluting diesel irrigation pumps to electric ones

  • Writers on the Range

    Global warming brings a clash of civilizations

    The writers call global warming the one issue we can’t afford to duck

  • Editor's Note

    Who'll stop the rain?

    January may have brought rain and snow to parts of the West, but the study of past climates warns us that we still have to learn to live with drought

  • Book Reviews

    State loopholes upset Clean Air Act

    The Environmental Integrity Project has issued a new report on power plant emissions called Gaming the System: How the Off-the-Books Industrial Upset Emissions Cheat the Public Out of Clean Air

  • News

    Citizens wary of their nuclear neighbor

    Sandia National Laboratories wants to monitor the nuclear waste in a Cold War-era landfill just outside Albuquerque, rather than excavate it or try to move it elsewhere

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