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Climate & Pollution

  • Writers on the Range Garbage grows well on the border

    Garbage grows well on the border

    The many thousands of illegal immigrants who pass through Arizona border towns are leaving tons of litter in their wake.

  • Writers on the Range A poisoned Montana town gets its shot at justice

    A poisoned Montana town gets its shot at justice

    The W.R. Grace executives whose company poisoned Libby, Mont., with asbestos from a vermiculite mine finally meet their victims face-to-face in a Montana courtroom.

  • Writers on the Range It's time to give up a stupid habit

    It's time to give up a stupid habit

    Junk mail and bulky newspaper ads constitute one of the most wasteful, irritating things on the entire planet.

  • Letters

    The half-life curse

  • Letters

    Collateral damage

  • Letters

    Remembering Rocky Flats

  • Writers on the Range Time to cowboy up

    Time to cowboy up

    A carbon tax is the fairest way to tackle climate change, despite its political challenges and risks.

  • Writers on the Range How long do we wait for clean coal?

    How long do we wait for clean coal?

    Politicians are excited about “clean coal,” but so far there’s no sign that it even exists.

  • Sidebar Rocky Flats lives on

    Rocky Flats lives on

    Those involved with Rocky Flats tell their stories, in their own words.

  • Multimedia Buried History

    Buried History

    A $7 billion nuclear site clean up leaves unanswered questions underground.

  • Feature The Half-life of Memory

    The Half-life of Memory

    A writer tries to dig up the buried history of Colorado’s Rocky Flats weapons plant, now home to a controversial wildlife refuge.

  • Two Weeks in the West Red light, green light

    Red light, green light

    After years of stalemate and fighting, enviros are gaining ground under Obama. Also: Unemployment rates are ranked in the Western states.

  • Letters

    DOE and the volcano

  • Book Reviews The darkest element

    The darkest element

    In Uranium: War, Energy, and the Rock That Shaped the World, Tom Zoellner tells the story of the radioactive element.

  • Editor's Note

    Finding a nuclear waste dump

    Judith Lewis speaks with HCN's Marty Durlin about the search for a nuclear waste dump and her latest article, Mountain of Doubt.

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