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Climate & Pollution

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    An off-the-books polluter

    A loophole in the Toxics Release Inventory keeps mining pollution, except for that caused by smelters, off its lists.

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    Top 20 polluters

    Top 20 companies are ranked according to how many pounds of pollution they release into the air, water and land.

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    The filthy West: Toxics pour into our air, water, land

    The EPA's Toxic Releases Inventory report documents the annual industrial pollution of land, air and water in the U.S., with six of the top 10 polluters located in the West.

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    Recyclers challenge Big Steel

    "Minimills" that recycle steel help the environment - and make money.

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    Junkyard Rancher: Automotive wrangler scraps for a living

    At his Carbondale, Colo., "Cadillac ranch," Alan Morris recycles automotive junk.

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    Droughts come, droughts go

    Rancher Quentin Hulse, in his own words, remembers previous Southwestern droughts.

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    The art of control

    Rancher Jim Winder, in his own words, about the art of ranching during severe drought.

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    Drought cuts to the bone on Southwest range

    The Southwest's severe drought takes a toll on the ranchers of New Mexico's Gila National Forest.

  • News

    Pact promises cleaner canyon air

    The Grand Canyon Visibility Transport Commission issues an ambitious proposed air-quality cleanup blueprint for the Colorado Plateau.

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    Clean air victory in Colorado

    The polluting, coal-fired Hayden Power Plant in northeastern Colorado agrees to reform, to activists' delight.

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    A wet winter misses the Southwest

    Although much of the West had an unusually wet winter, fires are already starting to rage across the dry Southwestern states.

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    Farmers feel burned by clean air regs

    Eastern Washington grass farms are upset by an announced phaseout of the practice of late-summer field burning, after clean air activists complain.

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    Here's a chance to speak up for clean air

    The Grand Canyon Visibility Transport Commission gives people a chance to comment on the need to clean up the air in Grand Canyon and the Colorado Plateau.

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    Clearing the air on the Colorado Plateau

    The Grand Canyon Visibility Transport Commission gets ready to send the EPA its recommendation for restoring clean air to the Colorado Plateau.

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    Flooding: Whose fault?

    Environmentalists say manmade causes such as logging and road-building contributed to flooding and landslides in the Northwest during a wet winter.

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