RNC '08

Rob Inglis, reporting for HCN, hits the 2008 Republican National Convention
Environmental swing voters? Nah.
Defeated Senate candidate doesn't think the environment means much to New Mexicans.
The delegates and the ghost of Teddy R.
The Westerners I met at the RNC all described themselves as conservationists. What gives?
To our friends at grist.org
In which I throw down the gauntlet on clean-coal schwag.
Getting enough outside time?
For Palin, the glories of Alaska seem to exist mostly in Photoshop.
Guerilla blogging the RNC
That's right, HCN is covering the other convention.
Lions and tigers and anarchists, oh my!
Republican convention-goers think the Twin Cities are a scary place.
Palin's identity politics
VP pick tries to convince rural America to vote for one of its own.
Pickens pitches his plan
Texas oil billionaire tries to convince Republicans that the West is the "Saudi Arabia of wind energy."
Ron Paul rallies in the Twin Cities
Ron Paul, darling of libertarians in the West, is holding his own damn convention.
The future of the Idaho GOP?
A college Republican's 15 minutes of pro-drilling YouTube fame.
You mean drill in St. Paul?
Convention attendee advocates a little-known oil and gas field.