Reader Photo: Ice on Hall Mountain


This week's HCN Reader photo looks like a magical sunrise in a winter fairyland. Although much of the West remains cloaked in the fall-to-winter transition, bits of winter peek through here - we thought this image offered a nice preview of what's to come.  Add your photo to our reader pool on Flickr - we pick one a week to post on the Grange blog.

Anonymous says:
Nov 05, 2009 04:16 PM
Thanks for picking my photo. For readers unfamiliar with it, Hall Mountain rises steeply from the shores of Sullivan Lake in far northeastern Washington, near the Canadian border. A diverse coalition of interests--from conservationists to logging companies--has supported the designation of Hall Mountain and 18 other roadless areas in the Colville National Forest as wilderness. Unfortunately, in its initial recommendations, the Forest Service left Hall Mountain and 13 other areas out. Standing on the top of Hall Mountain I could not fathom how anyone could consider this area unfit to be wilderness. Fortunately, the Forest Service has not made its final decision, and citizen voices make a huge positive impact in the process.
Anonymous says:
Nov 05, 2009 05:03 PM
Aaron's photo tells quite a story. Now that winter is coming on, the bears and other rich wildlife of northeastern WA need to hunker down till spring. And maybe when they emerge, some of these very deserving and little known roadless wild forests will be protected as designated wilderness! You can learn more at