Image JPEG imagekootenaiNF_USDA.jpg
Kootenai National Forest. Courtesy of USDA.
Image JPEG imagelinnaeus_SmithsonianInstitute.jpg
Image JPEG imagelitter.jpg
Kitty litter
Image JPEG imagelocation_map.jpg
Portland Harbor site
Image JPEG imagemap.jpg
Source: NREL, Renewable Electricity Futures.
Image JPEG imagemaroonbellsfall1.jpg
Maroon Bells
Image JPEG imagemikebranchsuspenders.jpg
Mike Branch with suspenders, in 20 years
Image JPEG imagemisfits.jpg
Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable on the set of The Misfits.
Image JPEG imagemisfits3.jpg
Marilyn Monroe scene from The Misfits.
Image JPEG imagemolycorpmine.jpg
molycorp mine
Image JPEG imagemonitoringwell.jpg
monitoring well
Image JPEG imagemonkeywrench.jpg
monkey wrench
Image JPEG imagemontevista.jpg
Mark Bauer of the USGS with an unmanned RQ–11A Raven aircraft at Monte Vista NWR. Credit: Floyd Truetken, USFWS.
Image JPEG imagemylittlepony.jpg
One of many My Little Pony toys in the world. Photograph by Flickr user Lisa Brewster.
Image JPEG imagenativeresilience.jpg
Native Resilience book cover
Image PNG imagepathway.png
Photo illustration courtesy of the NPS.
Image JPEG imagepawnee_RaymondKlocek_lg.jpg
Pawnee National Grassland
Image JPEG imagepinkflops.jpg
pink flops
Image JPEG imagepropplane.jpg
prop plane
Image JPEG imageraftviewrapidColRiver.jpg
Colorado river raft
Image JPEG imageriflehunting.jpg
Rifle hunting
Image JPEG imageriogrande.jpg
Rio Grande
Image JPEG imagesaguaro.jpg
Shot-up saguaro on public lands.
Image JPEG imagescorp.jpg
Image JPEG imageshells1.jpg
The author's daughters, Caroline and Hannah, in Nevada.
Image JPEG imageshells4.jpg
Sand dollar placed near Moonrise peak. Photo by Michael Branch.
Image JPEG imageshells5.jpg
The author's daughter near Moonrise peak. Photo by Michael Branch.
Image JPEG imageshutterstock_29717671.jpg
Black Rock Desert
Image JPEG imagesite.jpg
The site south of Salt Lake City, Utah near the Green River where two nuclear reactors may be built. Photo from HEAL Utah.
Image JPEG imagesixstateFinalcrop.jpg
Western States Survey. Courtesy of Colorado College.
Image JPEG imagesmart.jpg
Image JPEG imagesneffels_USFS.jpg
Mount Sneffels Wilderness Area. Courtesy of USFS.
Caught without snow, a hare tries to hide on the Kootenai National Forest. (c) Ben Long
Image JPEG imagesorryutah1024x768.jpg
Sorry Utah
Image JPEG imagetruck.jpg
Desert truck
Image JPEG imagevlcsnapmuppetsmoopets.jpg
Image JPEG imagewildmustangnevada.jpg
Wild mustang Nevada
Image JPEG imagewoolymammoth.jpg
Wooly mammoth
Image JPEG imagezephyr.jpg
Wind picks up dust in Nevada desert.