Image GIF imagecoaluse.gif
Coal use over time
Image JPEG imageprocyclingchallenge.jpg
USA Pro Cycling Challenge
Snapshot of our battered canoe at Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta, 2011. (c) Ben Long
Canoe at Waterton Lakes National Park Alberta, 2011 (c) Ben Long
Image JPEG imageruralschoolhouse.jpg
Rural Schoolhouse
bull elk in Yellowstone National Park (c) Karen Nichols
Image JPEG image5keystonepipeline.jpg
Keystone pipeline
Image JPEG imageFGPbillboard.jpg
FCP billboard
Image GIF imagemillion.gif
Pipeline map
Aidan Long's first trout, Kalispell, MT
Aidan Long and cutthroat trout, MT, 2009
Image JPEG imagecow.jpg
Image JPEG imagegj_geography_roan_plateau.jpg
Roan Plateau
Image JPEG imageMerleElk071024x768.jpg
dead elk
Image JPEG imageidahoroad.jpg
Idaho road
Image JPEG imageStVrain.jpg
St Vrain State Park
Image JPEG imagepricehishide156_10884.jpg
Painting by CM Russell, Price of His Hide.
Image JPEG imagecomputerdesk.jpg
Computers everywhere
Image JPEG imagevalleyfire.jpg
Valley Fire pottery
Image JPEG imageGlacierWaterton_NPS.jpg
Glacier Waterton NP
Image JPEG imageNogalesAZborder.jpg
Border Patrol agents in Nogales
Image JPEG imageaspens.jpg
Image JPEG imageaspencoconino.jpg
Aspen in Coconino NF
Image JPEG imageBison_NASA.jpg
Image JPEG imagecellphonegoner.jpg
Cellphone message
Image JPEG imagecellphonegoner2.jpg
Cellphone goner
Image JPEG imagerifle.jpg
Image JPEG imageriflecloseup.jpg
Rifle closeup
Image GIF imageScreenHunter_01Oct.1916.08.gif
Train map
Image GIF imageScreenHunter_02Oct.2113.41.gif
Train map closeup
Image JPEG imagelocalfood.jpg
Local food
Image JPEG imagesalida.jpg
Salida, Colo.
Image JPEG imageBLMNegotiation2009web.jpg
Image JPEG imagePtReyesNationalSeashore.jpeg
Drakes Estero is part of Pt. Reyes National Seashore and a national treasure for both its ecology and beauty. © Robert Campbell.
Image JPEG imagefakeprivateroad.jpg
Fake Private Road
Image JPEG imageWhiteMesa.jpg
the White Mesa mill
Image JPEG imageyellowwolf.jpg
this photograph spawned a far reaching email hoax about wolves.
Image JPEG imageHeather.jpg
Heather filming
Image JPEG imagejackrabbit.jpg
Jack rabbit
Image JPEG imagecopy_of_jackrabbit.jpg
Jack rabbit
Image JPEG imagef16.jpg
F-16s in Nevada
Image PNG imageEnergySubsidies.png
Energy subsidies
Image JPEG imagePewAdpromise.jpg
Pew Ad
Image JPEG imagesandhillsvalley.jpg
Sand hills valley
Image JPEG imagesandhillwalkers528_0.jpg
Cindy Meyers and Connie Weichman
Image PNG imageWhiteHouseMeeting.png
White House meeting with tribal leaders
Image JPEG imageMilkRiverFlooding.jpg
Milk river flooding, Montana
Image JPEG imageCaveCreek.jpg
Cave Creek area
Image PNG imageobama.png
Obama speaks to tribal leaders
Image JPEG imageron.jpg
Image JPEG imagegetyoursmokeyon.jpg
Get your Smokey on
Image JPEG imagedowsingrod.jpg
Dowsing rod in steam
Image JPEG imageTiger_Temple_Water_Buffalo.jpg
Wikimedia image of Asian water buffalo
Image JPEG imageASUSolar.jpg
ASU solar panels
Image JPEG imageB693004.jpg
Nighthorse reservoir
Image JPEG imageMontanaMoon.jpg
Montana moon
Image JPEG imagemilescity.jpg
Miles City, Montana
Image PNG imagePicture1.png
Saguaro arms shot off
Image JPEG imagelenticularcloud.jpg
Lenticular clouds
Image JPEG imageRantWordCloudJan2012.jpg
Rant word cloud
Image JPEG imageRantWordCloudJan2012b.jpg
Rant word cloud
Image JPEG imageRantWordCloudJan2012c.jpg
Rant word cloud
Image JPEG image161989main_Bison_herd.jpg
Bison herd
Image JPEG imageOneNationManySpecies.jpg
One Nation Many Species
Image JPEG imageTouristsArizona.jpg
Arizona tourists
Image JPEG imagevalerorefinery.jpg
Valero Refinery
Image JPEG imageRobinHood.jpg
Robin Hood
Image JPEG imageelkgirdwood.jpg
Elk in Girdwood, AK
Image JPEG imageArizonaFlag.jpg
Arizona Flag
Image JPEG imageBusyBeeCafeRoundupemail.jpg
Busy Bee Cafe Montana
Image JPEG imageHighway12intoRoundupemail.jpg
Hwy 12 Montana flooded
Image JPEG imageWY_BLM.jpg
pumpjack wyoming
Image JPEG imageoil_and_gas.BLM.jpeg
oil and gas BLM
Image JPEG imagesimplegetfile.jpg
USFS image of Larkin Peak
Image JPEG imageyellowstonecaldera.jpg
Yellowstone Caldera
Image JPEG imageYellowstonelake.jpg
Yellowstone Lake
Image JPEG imagewestslopecutthroat.jpg
Westslope cutthroat trout
Image JPEG imageDaveMeek.jpg
Dave Meek
Image JPEG imageLionsDen.jpg
Lion's Den Church
crested wheatgrass
Image JPEG imagewheatgrass.jpg
Wheatgrass closeup
MPG Ranch
Image JPEG image2031024x768.jpg
Jeep near rock
Image JPEG image208768x1024.jpg
Jeep landscape
Image JPEG image2131024x768.jpg
Jeep closeup
Image PNG imagebuffalosoldiers.png
Buffalo Soldiers
Image PNG imageafricanamericannp.png
African Americans in Yosemite
Image JPEG imageDougLamborn.jpg
Doug Lamborn
Image PNG imageDenisonMines.png
Denison mines in Grand Canyon
Image JPEG imageKanabNorthMineSite.jpg
Kanab North Mine Site
Image JPEG imagecopy_of_KanabNorthMineSite.jpg
Kanab North Mine Site
Image JPEG imageDenisonMines.jpg
Denison mines in Grand Canyon
Image JPEG imagebisonskulllowrez.jpg
ancient bison skull in a stream in southern Alberta
Image JPEG imageSleepingGiant.jpg
Sleeping Giant
Image JPEG imageNMballoon.jpg
NM Balloon
Image JPEG imagewendybeye2011cottonwoodseedlings.jpg
cottonwood seedlings
Image JPEG imagetwistedrailroadbridge.jpg
Twisted railroad bridge
Image JPEG imageHalfDomecables_NPS.jpg
cables at Yosemite's Half Dome
Image JPEG imagetheodorerooseveltlaughing.jpg
Theodore Roosevelt was known for talking softly and carrying a big stick.
Image JPEG imagecopy_of_theodorerooseveltlaughing.jpg