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Stephanie Paige Ogburn | May 23, 2011 06:00 AM

They say sex sells. But does music teach? This seems to be the case with a couple recent music videos -- one on the potential health hazards of hydraulic fracturing (which we've covered quite a bit here at HCN, from lack of regulations to  health studies to health hazards in the chemical mix) -- and another on climate science.

The fracking song has made it's way across the Interwebs, getting 80,000 views on YouTube already -- and it was posted less than two weeks ago.

And this climate rap, which is, I might mention, NSFW, is certainly more fun to watch than all 94 depressing minutes of An Inconvenient Truth.

There's a fundamental difference between the two popularized science music videos, though. The first was done by a journalist, and is presumably intended for a wider audience of people who haven't yet made up their minds about fracking -- and maybe haven't even heard of the practice.

The climate rap, on the other hand, while produced in part by the Australian equivalent of National Public Radio, sounds more like a vent than an attempt to teach.

And while I'm talking videos, I may as well just throw in another anti-fracking tune -- this one a folk ditty from a Canadian singer/songwriter.

I enjoy all these videos. But the first one is a truly innovative way to tell a relatively well-told story -- and may inspire even a tone-deaf writer like me to pick up a tambourine and beat out some environmental tales of my own.

Stephanie Paige Ogburn is HCN's online editor.

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