Palin the predator


"The more voters learn about Sarah Palin...the less there is to like," the female voice intones ominously in a new ad by the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund. The political message goes on to show graphic footage of wolves being gunned down from an airplane, and piles on more evidence of the Alaska governor's aggressive anti-wolf activities: she proposed paying a $150 bounty on the left foreleg of each dead wolf, approved a $400,000 state-funded campaign to promote aerial hunting and introduced legislation to make it easier to use aircraft to hunt wolves and bears.

The Defenders Action Fund poured $2.5 million into the 2006 races -- $1.5 in their campaign against Richard Pombo, the former California congressman and chair of the House Resources Committee, who not only resisted environmental legislation, but proposed drilling ANWR, privatizing national parks, and gutting the Endangered Species Act. Pombo lost to wind power advocate Jerry McNerney by 13,000 votes. This year the Action Fund plans to put $3 million toward supporting environmental candidates -- and defeating anti-conservationists, including Bob Schaffer in Colorado and Steve Pearce in New Mexico, both running for the Senate.

In a press release endorsing Obama and Biden, the Fund's president Rodger Schlickeisen says, “John McCain’s record on the environment has been extremely mediocre at best, often erratic, and clearly inferior to that of either Obama or Biden. Now, his selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate provides a very clear warning that -- as difficult as it may have been to contemplate earlier -- a McCain-Palin administration would likely be just as bad as the Bush-Cheney one on many major environmental issues."

I'm just wondering if there's any significance in the fact that it's the LEFT foreleg of the dead wolf that gets the bounty.





Palin is a manager, not predator
Scott Gilmore
Scott Gilmore
Sep 17, 2008 08:42 PM
Governor Palin is smart enough to realize that proper predator control is necessary to wildlife management. Alaska has an over abundance of wolves and bears. They need more hunting of these species. The Defenders of Wildlife are nothing but a left-wing environmental and animal rights activist group. They would totally outlaw all hunting, not just wolf and bear.
Gov. Palin receives award from trappers
Sep 17, 2008 11:58 PM
From the blog of BlackPowderBill
 Wednesday, September 17, 2008
Gov. Palin receives award from trappers
On August 5th the National Trappers Association awards committee voted to give the "Conservationist of the Year Award" to Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska.

This program is designed to recognize individuals inside and outside of the trapping community for work that is done on behalf of trapping. Governor Sarah Palin’s "Conservationist of the Year Award" was given in recognition of an individual who shows outstanding leadership in protecting and conserving our wildlife resources.
 The Governor’s efforts to protect the moose and caribou calving areas by having that states agency implement a predator control effort on the wolves. Showing courage and leadership in the face of those who would do away with wolf population control.

Palin, manager?
Kirk Knighton
Kirk Knighton
Sep 18, 2008 10:26 PM
You call shooting wolves from airplanes "hunting'? I say it is cowardly arrogance designed for a thrill and to please the rednecks who want to wipe out everything that might take "their" moose or caribou for their own needs. If a man wants to "hunt" a bear or a wolf let him do it the honorable way: by his own wits and skills with a minimum of technology, in a way that gives the animal a fighting chance to get away, or, better, hunt the hunter in return.
Michael Hughes
Michael Hughes
Sep 20, 2008 02:00 PM
For Immediate Release

From: Office of the Governor of Alaska
Subject: Hadron Collider Halted in Geneva

Informed of the two month delay that will be required in the first major experiment to be conducted using the Hadron Collider, Gov. Palin had the following comments:

“First of all, I would like to thank God for the delay in this plagiaristic attempt to usurp His Work with this ill-conceived attempt to re-create His Big Bang. Frankly speaking, if those Europeons think they can cool Kelvin down to just above absolute zero, they ought to think again. Believe me, I know. The ”meltdown,“ as they call it, may have temporarily quenched him. Fortunately, that is long enough for us to get past the elections. But he’ll be back, just like the wolves, bless their little hearts.

”So...I would like to take this opportunity to reassure all those weekend-warrior hunters in Anchorage and Fairbanks -- and, of course, in Wassila -- that their Big Bangs will not be interrupted.

Remember, you’ll still get $150 for each left foreleg of a wolf submitted to your local Fish and Game official. Nothing has or will change concerning culling these pesky predators who would like nothing better than to reduce the number of moose and caribou, feeding to their hearts’ content. I know that the piddling $150 (USD) bounty can never repay you for the cost of fuel and ammunition, but each dead wolf earns you the thanks and respect of your fellow Alaskans and, dare I say, like-minded Americans, even Canadians, everywhere.

“I would like to thank all of you, especially the aerial gunners, for the expense and trouble you go to in keeping the ecological balance steady here in Alaska. You are a shining embodiment of Alaska’s heritage for our youth. Know that when deep vein thromboses and arterioscleroses have taken you to your well-deserved resting place somewhere beyond Mt. McKinley, or Talkeetna, or Denali, or whatever those people call it these days, you will be not be completely forgotten or remembered.

“Thank you so much.”

Governor Sarah Palin
September 20, 2008

Palin is bad for Women AND Wildlife
Sep 20, 2008 10:11 PM
Palin's brutal aerial wolf killing shows her shockingly lack of compassion and disregard for any animal that cannot make her MONEY.

She and her crack state consultants are doing this to increase HUNTING REVENUES. Their minds are simple: Kill more wolves, you get more moose and caribou.

Her "pretty face" hides her religious fanatism and a BRUTAL personality.

Don't be fooled. The woman is dangerous for both women AND wildlife.

Bad for women and wildlife??
Sep 21, 2008 06:33 PM
I'm a woman. I love wildlife. And Palin is the best thing for me AND critters since sliced bread. Have you ever watched a wolf (or in the case of most of the lower 48, a coyote) die of mange? Do you know what mange is? Mange is caused by a parasite, and spreads rapidly in areas that are overpopulated with wild canines. It causes the wolf/coyote/fox to lose all of it's hair and break out in raw open sores. Google "coyote with mange". They slowly die of exposure as without their fur they succumb to the cold and elements. It's awful, and it doesn't just effect one or two coyotes in an area, it will wipe out the ENTIRE population. Locales with a healthy (read: not overpopulated) population of canines are MUCH less likely to become infected by a mange outbreak or other canine diseases such as distemper and rabies.

Gov. Sarah Palin has an understanding of wildlife that it is impossible to obtain by simply watching Animal Planet or looking at the squirrel in your bird feeder, from beside the fireplace.

Women tend to be overly emotional at times, allowing their hearts to guide them instead of the brains. I'm as guilty of that as any other woman. But when you look out your rural home's window at the deer grazing in the fields back there, most people not involved in an outdoor lifestyle as Palin in, do not realize the part that sportsmen play in maintaining that healthy population.

As for aerial gunning, is it sporting? That is debatable although many would say it is not. But the aerial gunning is not usually done as sport, it is done as a means to control population. Land hunting or trapping wolves in interior alaska is not an easy prospect, nor an effective means of predator control. Aerial gunning meets the need for control.

Before everyone condemns Gov. Palin, you all really should take some time to educate yourselves about Alaska's environment and the challenges it presents.
Palin and the "Safari Club" promotes barbaric SLAUGHTER of wolves and bears
Oct 01, 2008 04:16 PM
"Mange" is not a problem in wolves in Alaska. There is PLENTY of food for them.

This was not even used as a reason for predator control.
So why even bring it up? That argument holds no water.

Palin and her blood thirsty buddies at the Safari Club, a wealthy man's CANNED HUNTING club that "hunts" exotic animals (might as well shoot them in a zoo), are LYING to the public about wolves and other predators in order to increase hunting revenues to the state for moose and caribou licenses.

Sounds like it is you who needs to do some real research and stop beliving the lies Palin and her cronies are trying to shove down voters throats.

Twice, the citizens of Alaska voted aerial hunting down. The state keeps trying to push it through anyway, seeing that hunting revenues are top in their minds always -- never the animals who are shamelessly and brutally chased to exhaustion and then shot several times. Often, these "hunters" miss and leave the animal to suffer.

You won't ever convince me (or many others) that this barbaric slaughter is "good" for wildlife.