Palin the predator


"The more voters learn about Sarah Palin...the less there is to like," the female voice intones ominously in a new ad by the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund. The political message goes on to show graphic footage of wolves being gunned down from an airplane, and piles on more evidence of the Alaska governor's aggressive anti-wolf activities: she proposed paying a $150 bounty on the left foreleg of each dead wolf, approved a $400,000 state-funded campaign to promote aerial hunting and introduced legislation to make it easier to use aircraft to hunt wolves and bears.

The Defenders Action Fund poured $2.5 million into the 2006 races -- $1.5 in their campaign against Richard Pombo, the former California congressman and chair of the House Resources Committee, who not only resisted environmental legislation, but proposed drilling ANWR, privatizing national parks, and gutting the Endangered Species Act. Pombo lost to wind power advocate Jerry McNerney by 13,000 votes. This year the Action Fund plans to put $3 million toward supporting environmental candidates -- and defeating anti-conservationists, including Bob Schaffer in Colorado and Steve Pearce in New Mexico, both running for the Senate.

In a press release endorsing Obama and Biden, the Fund's president Rodger Schlickeisen says, “John McCain’s record on the environment has been extremely mediocre at best, often erratic, and clearly inferior to that of either Obama or Biden. Now, his selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate provides a very clear warning that -- as difficult as it may have been to contemplate earlier -- a McCain-Palin administration would likely be just as bad as the Bush-Cheney one on many major environmental issues."

I'm just wondering if there's any significance in the fact that it's the LEFT foreleg of the dead wolf that gets the bounty.