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New podcast: There's (still) gold in them thar hills!

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Cally Carswell | May 25, 2012 08:47 AM

Soaring gold prices are driving a new gold rush, among mining behemoths and small-time prospectors.

West of 100 logoIn the latest episode of West of 100, High Country News contributing editor Jonathan Thompson visits a gold mine and ponders the illusory nature of gold prices, and Hadley Robinson reports from the Klamath River, once a popular destination for hobby prospectors that's now at the center of the controversy over California's ban on suction-dredge mining.

West of 100 is a monthly podcast of compelling stories and ideas. Recent episodes have explored the lost rivers of Western cities, and what we lose when man-made noise overtakes the natural hum of the wild. New episodes come out around the middle of each month. Follow the links above to listen to individual episodes at, tune in via our RSS feed, or subscribe for free through iTunes.

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