Image JPEG image 4623194327_1cefea8e53.jpg
Image JPEG image 4648598901_63ab834bff_z.jpg
Ruess disappeared in what's now Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.
Image JPEG image 4669634772_50cb645311_z.jpg
Image JPEG image 4790960607_5bfc66bcbe.jpg
oyster in point reyes 1
Image JPEG image 4790960607_5bfc66bcbe_z.jpg
oyster in point reyes
Image JPEG image 4855695955_17c337e073.jpg
Ouray, Colorado. Photograph by Flickr user Ken Lund.
Image JPEG image 485794849_f51a15f9ef_z.jpg
Cochise Stronghold
Image JPEG image 487802220_a70d75775b_o.jpg
Photo courtesy Flickr user ap.
Image JPEG image 4879498664_321d5877a2_z.jpg
black-backed woodpecker
Image JPEG image 4892597382_505d9a20e0_b.jpg
Image JPEG image 4962822446_9b54324726_z.jpg
earthquake damage
Image JPEG image 4980641058_c42f2b253d_z.jpg
Image JPEG image Yellowstone Griz
The grizzly bear population in and around Yellowstone National Park has grown robust enough that the animals are dispersing outwards via habitat corridors like the one provided by the Centennial Mountains.
Image JPEG image 5085410406_950592ece8_z.jpg
84 percent of Colorado's water flows west of the Continental Divide
Image JPEG image 5185847444_02063c87da.jpg
U.S. Fish and Wildlife employees carrying captive-bred black-footed ferrets walk to a reintroduction site.
Image JPEG image 5190888796_fd93f7072e.jpg
Glen Canyon Dam and the bathtub ring in 2008. Courtesy Benjamin Dumas via Flickr.
Image JPEG image 5202695458_b517012d9f_z.jpg
San Pedro River and Galiuro Mountains.
Image JPEG image 5244705122_b898b35da6.jpg
A black-footed ferret peers out from a prairie dog hole.
Image JPEG image 5283605111_90b83f7743.jpg
The golden rooster at John Ascuaga's Nugget Casino in Sparks, NV.
Image JPEG image 5429339496_d43f5279bf_z.jpg
Oil wells dot the Permian Basin in New Mexico. Courtesy Flickr user Skytruth.
Image JPEG image 5475754520_6c77450c45_z.jpg
National forest outside Lake Tahoe, CA
Image JPEG image 5480050214_5d5946ed0d.jpg
Image JPEG image 5489810336_3a484e88c3.jpg
Photo courtesy Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
Image JPEG image 5567439823_138ac0feac.jpg
Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument
Image JPEG image 5608247811_2240ab6775_z.jpg
A male greater sage grouse struts his stuff in Harney County, Oregon.
Image JPEG image 5652750783_c7b78102c9_z.jpg
Image JPEG image 5756453246_8dd8fdd6b2_z.jpg
trash in arizona desert
Image JPEG image 5760934580_8af4470879.jpg
A Veterans Affairs hospital in Oregon led the nation in highest number of prescriptions of opiate painkillers per patients last year. Veterans around the country are being prescribed more painkillers now than ever before.
Image JPEG image 576pxGreat_Depression_Era_White_Tenant_Farmer_in_North_Carolina_1936.jpg
Great Depression Era White Tenant Farmer in North Carolina 1936. Farm Security Administration photograph.
Image PNG image 5788241740_df3d2d4048_o.png
A fisher, which has been proposed for the endangered species list. Image courtesy the USFS Region 5 Flickr.
Image JPEG image 5816288642_9016b47699_z.jpg
Agriculture is concerned over the EPA's water rules, but ag is the only industry with exemptions under the Clean Water Act. Photo by Flickr user Sam Beebe.
Image JPEG image 6000813928_199dc4484b_z.jpg
Painted Canyon in Theodore Roosevelt National Park, which is also on the list of 18 extraordinary places. Courtesy Flickr user fritzmb.
Image JPEG image 6015045982_b1245f7b8c_z.jpg
Irrigation canal in the Imperial Valley. Courtesy Flickr user Balazs Gardi.
Image JPEG image 613pxNevada_Desert_FACE_Facility.jpg
Experimental plot at the Nevada National Security Site, where additonal carbon was piped into the atmosphere for 10 years. Researchers walked on platforms to avoid disturbing the microbial soil crust. Photo courtesy of National Nuclear Security Administration / Nevada Site Office.
Image JPEG image 616908_10150937144901463_1994972712_o.jpg
Image JPEG image 6189026483_c32fa10861_z.jpg
idaho grazing
Image JPEG image 6221048274_e443161d6e_z.jpg
Sally Jewell
Image JPEG image 6327532447_e0137f7a7b_z.jpg
Selawik, Alaska. Courtesy Flickr user lauritadianita.
Image JPEG image 6517603227_5444534311_z.jpg
San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, units 2 and 3
Image JPEG image 6549388595_5e4f3f4df6.jpg
Cows Barn
Image JPEG image 6550467995_7ce30f4530_z.jpg
San Juan Islands
Image JPEG image 6614947909_015a55c6f1_z.jpg
Salvation Mountain. Just east of the Salton Sea. Imperial Valley, CA. Courtesy flickr user Omar Omar.
Image JPEG image 6647389067_683c8d4968.jpg
The abandoned Yankee Girl Mine in Colorado, opened in the late 19th century to mine silver. Photograph by Sandy Horvath-Dori.
Image JPEG image 6750194629_d8423f5986_z.jpg
NASA MODIS satellite image of a snowy and icy Alaska from January 2012. That winter, the Arctic Oscillation brought colder than average temperatures to the Far North. But that September, the Arctic sea ice minimum was its lowest since record keeping started in 1979.
Image JPEG image 6780056988_a207743895_z.jpg
oregon logging
Image JPEG image 6811270308_b939f24ecb.jpg
Billions of monarchs migrate from the Great Plains to winter habitat in Mexico, pictured here, but their numbers are down by half since just last year. Photo courtesy Flickr user Luna sin estrellas.
Image JPEG image 6839322642_b54b8fa063_b.jpg
A post card advertises the oil boom in the Permian Basin in the 1930s. 91 years after oil was first discovered in West Texas, the once declining region is booming again, thanks to fracking. Courtesy Boston Public Library via Flickr.
Image JPEG image 6874178605_06e1392a01.jpg
James Inhofe
Image JPEG image 6878586031_10b32fe280_z.jpg
rural republican
Image JPEG image 6947853762_5f72881ddf_z.jpg
Browns Canyon, Colorado. Courtesy Mark Udall.
Image JPEG image 6990781448_0426ea3bb8_z.jpg
Image JPEG image 7006550052_1acb4d8a8e_z.jpg
Irrigated by water from the Colorado River, newly planted cotton field near needles will produce fast results in the hot desert climate, May 1972
Image JPEG image 7065779355_fbc7709030_z.jpg
Young Rial Redding, third generation of Reddings who have ranched in Sarpy Basin, Montana, joins the resistance movement. The Reddings have refused to sell to the Westmoreland Coal Company, June 1973. Credit: Boyd Norton.
Image JPEG image 7191738382_794a7b2d02_o.jpg
U.S. Predator drone
Image JPEG image 7210657616_1acbe6e9de_z.jpg
Ken Salazar
Image JPEG image 7450385886_256fd960f7.jpg
Tulalip Tribes vice chairwoman Deborah Parker advocates on behalf of VAWA in Washington, D.C., 2012. Image courtesy the National Congress of American Indians.
Image JPEG image 7645040750_c8286e0545_z.jpg
Rancher John Fenton in Pavillion, Wyoming
Image JPEG image 7671558086_6aae8ffe31_z.jpg
Evidence of an emotional debate: claiming God is on your side
Image JPEG image 7835097766_4c23351535.jpg
Mexican wolf in captivity. Courtesy Flickr user Don Burkett.
Image JPEG image 7847997236_16c13c8b03.jpg
Bison watching in Yellowstone. Courtesy Flickr user brian.gratwicke
Image JPEG image 7848155740_1a1cd3a1f4.jpg
gas rig PA
Image JPEG image 7883664496_9634416b68.jpg
Wild horse roundup courtesy of BLM Oregon. With more captive wild horses than the BLM can support, the agency is seeking alternative population control techniques.
Image JPEG image 8002065443_8fa8c23204_z.jpg
Image JPEG image 800pxApocephalus_borealis.jpg
Zombie fly
Image JPEG image 800pxCloud_seeding_PSF.jpg
Cloud seeding diagram
Image JPEG image 800pxMohave_Generating_Station_1.jpg
Mohave Generating Station
Image JPEG image 800pxStockbroker.jpg
Image JPEG image 800pxYoung_steer_after_blizzard__NOAA.jpg
Young steer near Rapid City, S.D., after the March, 1966 blizzard.
Image JPEG image 8051953122_a56699e84f_z.jpg
Shipments of nuclear waste from Los Alamos to an underground repository, like these photographed in 2011, have been stalled by leaks at the repository. Photo courtesy Los Alamos National Laboratory.
Image JPEG image 8052490481_f5c0ffa55f_z.jpg
Proposition 37, Mandatory Labeling of Genetically Engineered Food Initiative, was on the November 6, 2012 ballot in California, where it was defeated.
Image JPEG image 8075819448_8c653f5a42.jpg
Image JPEG image 8091519095_218115ba29_z.jpg
Documerica, then and now. Earthships in Taos, New Mexico in 1972 and 2011. Credit: David Hiser and Dan Conlin.
Image JPEG image 8115108367_78a343f6f3_z.jpg
internet meme
Image JPEG image 8205286711_7451b6b097.jpg
Policies that encourage the destruction of native grasslands contribute to plummeting monarch butterfly populations. Photo courtesy USFWS Mountain Prairie.
Image JPEG image 8244282644_36c3e79a96_b.jpg
An old-style oil rig in the Permian Basin, where companies have drilled for oil since the 1920s. Courtesy Flickr user Charles Henry.
Image JPEG image 825562377_709fc0e06e_z.jpg
Image JPEG image 8447728603_a24255b2dd_z.jpg
The steep forested hillside overlooking Flagstaff is being mitigated and restored wholly through a $10 million municipal bond. Photo courtesy of the Flagstaff Watershed Protection Project.
Image JPEG image 8450619283_24ef8f5fa8_z.jpg
The deceptively beautiful emerald ash borer, which has the potential to devastate urban and native forests in the West. Courtesy
Image JPEG image 8460338162_de1dd54cee1.jpg
Fracking for natural gas on the Haynesville Shale near Shreveport, Louisiana. Photograph by Flickr user Daniel Foster.
Image JPEG image 8539009694_1df1c63997.jpg
Descending into the bowels of 2013's darkest energy news. (And also, New Zealand's Harwood's Hole, courtesy Flickr user, Armchair Caver.)
Image JPEG image 8579431896_72a7df979d_z.jpg
The Rio Baker. Credit Flickr user Louis Vest.
Image JPEG image 8594821575_91482c7ef0.jpg
A bill to protect the North Fork of Montana's Flathead River overwhelmingly passed a House committee this week. Photo courtesy Flickr user Sunburned Surveyor.
Image JPEG image 859790_10151701905012734_1005974504_o.jpg
A Grand Canyon boater turned away at the road to Lee's Ferry. Photo courtesy Ceiba Adventures.
Image JPEG image 8622810548_50d9a72d71.jpg
A formidable close up of the rice grain-sized mountain pine beetle. Photo taken by Ward Strong, B.C. Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations.
Image JPEG image 8697651039_38c7c08aca_c.jpg
The Navajo Generating Station near Page, Arizona.
Image JPEG image 8704128237_0587e257c7.jpg
Milkweed once commonly grew on the edges of cornfields, but chemicals sprayed on herbicide-resistant crops have made it scarcer on farmland. Photo courtesty Flickr user Carol Von Canon.
Image JPEG image 8712302140_a8df20d0df_z.jpg
Flickr photo courtesy of Jelena
Image JPEG image 8725078749_b8baf91344_z.jpg
Hobby drone mounted with a GoPro camera
Image JPEG image 8737212776_0d53cb363e.jpg
Image JPEG image 87905482_470da6361e_z.jpg
Road through Arches National Park. Courtesy Flickr user Ben Grogan.
Image JPEG image 8893406556_e9d2fe8d28_z.jpg
A sampling of anti-drone protest signs
Image JPEG image 8b31812r.jpg
White ex-tenant farmers in the Imperial Valley, California, 1937. Photograph by Dorothea Lange, courtesy Library of Congress and U.S. Farms Security Administration.
Image JPEG image 9062798666_2cdcf19bc7_c.jpg
The Silver Fire in southern New Mexico. Gila National Forest photo.
Image JPEG image 9311894112_f465d1173b_z.jpg
Oil truck in North Dakota. Courtesy Flickr user Tim Evanson.
Image JPEG image 9336340795_9185ff9943_z.jpg
The Farm Bill was originally meant to help small family farms recover from the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl years.
Image JPEG image 9403402725_6f15fe01f1_z.jpg
The ice caves at Mendenhall Glacier may disappear as the glacier recedes, but the real damage is likely to occur downstream, in the marine food chain.
Image JPEG image 9469727099_dd161133e9.jpg
President Obama may invoke executive action to protect the Organ Mountains in New Mexico from oil and gas development if Congress doesn't act soon. Photo courtesy BLM.
Image JPEG image 9542241814_2b819146fb_z.jpg
Near the entrance to Valles Caldera National Preserve in New Mexico. Courtesy of Flickr user Ron Cogswell.
Image JPEG image 9619312557_f96259e1c8.jpg
Wildland firefighting efforts during the Rim Fire at Yosemite in California, 2013. Photograph from U.S. Army.
Image JPEG image 9669676009_8d20d5c827.jpeg
Medical research, disease tracking and environmental surveys are some of the science projects on hold during the shutdown.