The NRA has started airing an ad in the Western swing states accusing Obama of wanting to criminalize people who use guns to defend their sleeping children from intruders. It follows this spot, a truly masterful exercise in button-pushing that manages to incorporate both gas prices and an angry hunter:


What's ironic about the cameo appearance of gas prices in this ad is that domestic oil and gas drilling --  the generic Republican answer to pain at the pump -- is probably the biggest single threat to hunting in the United States. This offers a golden opportunity for traditional environmental groups to get together with hook-and-bullet groups -- but only if environmental groups can escape being tied to the Democratic party, or the Democratic party can avoid being painted as anti-gun. That's exactly what Hal Herring's excellent article in this week's HCN argues that the Democrats need to do.

Guns and the environment
Oct 28, 2008 11:53 AM
High Country News does a good job alienating people who are for the environment AND gun rights, and so does Obama. It's a simple fact that it's tough to vote for "chope" when it puts our ownership rights in peril.

So thanks for bringing this up.
don't worry.
William C Lawton
William C Lawton
Oct 28, 2008 03:57 PM
Gun owners have nothing to worry about with Obama. Why? Because he doesn't care about guns. Do you honestly think that a President who will be dealing with a cratering economy, global warming, environmental policy, and energy, will spare a second's thought about guns? Why are you voting on the basis of a nonissue introduced by conservatives as a wedge issue, and in so doing shortchanging the rest of us when it comes to dealing with stuff that actually matters?

You single issue types might be surprised to hear this, but guns are a vanishingly small nonissue.
Calvin Morris
Calvin Morris
Oct 29, 2008 12:21 PM
What patriotic Americans SHOULD worry about are those people who are narrow minded enough to try to distill the concepts surrounding the freedom to protect one’s family and oneself into a single word like "guns". Why should we worry about those people? Because they vote.

Do you honestly think that there won’t be social corruption along with the “cratering economy, global warming, environmental policy, and energy”? The presence of social corruption implies the desire among sane individuals to protect their loved ones.

The concept of self-protection is as old as living things and won’t vanish until those living things are all extinct.