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Canyoneering, four ways

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Jodi Peterson | Nov 11, 2010 01:40 PM

Ever wondered what it's like to don harness and wetsuit and delve into one of southern Utah's deep, cold, water-filled slot canyons? A new documentary called Gorging, due out next summer from DFS Films, follows notorious guidebook author Michael Kelsey and three other canyoneers (a photographer, a guru, and a weekend warrior) into the twisting, tortuous narrows of canyons in Utah, California and other locales.

Through the stories of these four men, all with different approaches and philosophies, the film examines the ethical issues of the sport.  It explores the conflict between those, like Kelsey, who want to share their knowledge of these secret and often delicate desert canyons, and others who think they should be protected from the public. Check out the film's entertaining trailer.

The canyoneering conflict was also discussed in Jeremy Miller's recent HCN profile of Michael Kelsey, Once More Unto the Breach. And check out our slideshow of  Jeremy  descending a Utah canyon with Kelsey, Down the Black Hole.


Jodi Peterson is High Country News' Managing Editor.

Gorging Film
Jake M.
Jake M.
Nov 14, 2010 07:31 PM
The trailer is interesting and I hope the movie delivers on what it's promising. Thanks for sharing the info on this.

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